218 Tarazin The Grey (Dragon) A History p. 10
219 Promotional Piece - A Primer on Mebhaighl p. 102
220 Promotional Piece - Politics p. 16
221 New Realm Spells 6 Wiz & 4 Pr p. 16
230 4 Rjurik NPC's p. 75
232 Naval Combat, Extensive article p. 8
Rules for Ramming , New Naval Unit Cards,
New Ships; Greatship, Dromond,
New Weapons; Bombard, Dragon (cannon)
233 Adaption of Al-Qadim setting to Birthright p. 40
236 The Haunting of Aldersburg p. 30
Background on the fall of Aldersburg
Dragon Annual #1
Promotional Piece - The Merchant & Guilder In The BR setting p. 91
240 Ela's Thieves Guilds p. 30
3 Realm Spells (limited), 2 Ela's for Pr, 1 for Follower (Spec Case)
Details on Ela's Thieves Guilds
241 BR TimeLine, also some anecdotes p. 28
The Timeline is also online at the TSR website
Dragon Annual 2
War Card Battle System Conversion p. 75

As far as I can tell all of the articles except for the Al-Qadim (#233) and
the one written on the War Card Battle System Conversion (Dragon Annual 2)
are all
apparently written by TSR staffers.