Eric Dunn wrote:
> stuff on Regency

For most people the two questions on Regency are what comes of points
received through vassalage, and are RP's gained by thiefs through trade
figured into domain power.

I believe in the past we agreed that RP's gained through vassalage are
OVER AND ABOVE those received by your domain power vs blood strength.
This is what makes vassalage an attractive option to rulers of large
realms, it gives them the opportunity to gain more regency than they
would otherwise be eligible to gain.

Now, as for Regency from trade routes, those ARE PART OF THE DOMAIN
POWER. To have it be otherwise would make thief regents insanely
powerful. Guilders already are able to amass HUGE fortunes, to let them
gain regency for the lot would be unbalancing, and besides the way I
read the rulebook, those RP's ARE part of Domain power anyways.

Thanx for listening.