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    Best Wishes for all BR roleplay

    Thomas BIACHE wrote:
    > 200 books from TSR - yeah, I started in 1980 in France, DMing since 1986
    > in French Polynesia,
    > and starting BR games since 2 years, and re-starting a new campaign this
    > last days in Pau (France) -
    > I just computed more than $ 6.000 spent ! But with gamelust, I will
    > certainly follow my hobby ...

    Me too, I have three bookcases full of RPG book, novals etc. Rather
    large bookcases too.

    > * Does the new rules make the game so different like between the first and
    > the last version of
    > core AD&D ? Any chance of having the full description of Cerilia, I think
    > about The Wastelands ...

    I believe the new rules will be much the same, but with some updates and
    new rules added in improve the role playing part of the game.

    > 2) True interactivity ...
    > * Does anyone good ideas could reach the new products ?
    > * Does any good house rules can be insert in ?
    > * Could we start a new page on the web to put the new rules ... ?
    > * Anyone interested by keeping it ? Perhaps I could make the pages
    > I strongly suggest a page wich could be upgrade each week ...

    Such a page already exists.
    for a collection of all the Birthright material that has been posted to
    this list, or e-mailed to me. And if you have anything you would like to
    add then send it too me or the list and I will add it too my page.

    > 3) Any French ...
    > * Does anyone speak French in this list ? I mean outside the list for
    > private e-mail only ...

    There is a french pbem game for birthright running. It is mentioned on
    my link page, You may wish to
    check it out.

    - --
    Ian Hoskins

    ICQ: 2938300
    Home Page:

    From the Darkness we came,
    and to the Darkness we will return.

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    Best Wishes for all BR roleplay

    Darkstar, I'm in your PBEM and I and several others have been having
    trouble reaching you. My Turn 19 ... bounced back. Suggestions?

    Sorry about using the list posting! I thought that this might be the
    only way to reach you.

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