Hmm, got a question here... on page 37 of the Rulebook, under the heading
"regency and domains" and the subheading "Gaining Regency" it states that,
"(A character's Domain Power is the amount of regency all of his provinces
and holdings generate; it is the sum of all the levels of holdings and
provinces controlled by the regent.)"

Also, on page 40, under "3. Collect Regency Points", it states,"In this
step, active regents add up their Domain Power (the sum of all thier
holdings' levels plus the ratings of any provinces they rule)."

It might describe what constitutes Domain Power vs. the regent's bloodline
as representative of what he collects elsewhere in the book, though I'm not
sure. In any case, my question is this: what happens to RP's collected by
tribute? Specifically, Diirk Watershold donates a miscellaneous amount of
RP's to the Regent of Coeranys every turn. Do these RP's get wasted, since
the Coeranys' regent has a bloodline of 23, and already has a domain power
exceeding that? Or do they rather get added to his "Accumulated Regency"
and thus are spendable by the regent of Coeranys?

Personally, I would choose the latter opinion, since it's not a holding or
a province of his, and the RP's are generated through someone else's
bloodline, and are thus accumulated, as it were, and syphoned (sp) off the
land and are thus usable.

Also, under the heading "Vassalage" on page 37 of the Rulebook, it states,
"By taking the oaths of vassalage, a weaker regent agrees to donate some of
his Regency Points to the stronger regent. The stronger regent receives
more power, and the weaker one preserves his domain and his life." The
passage further goes on to mention the investiture process, etc. Does this
mean that the vassal's provinces are listed completely under the conquering
regent's domain, thus fall under his domain, and count completely toward
his domain power? But, because of his having a vassal, the RP's for that
vassalage go directly to the Vassal, instead of to the Regent, thus not
counting against the Bloodline Strength limit of Accumulating Regency on a
given turn? And then, I've seen it mentioned where a vassal donates
regency to the regent...would that then conversely fall under the same area
of thought as my first question? Where donated RP's go directly into the
Accumulated RP pool? Of course, that wouldn't make any sense...thus the
reason for my post :)


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