Samuel Weiss wrote:
> re Jim Cooper's post.
> 1) I thought so too, but read the product descriptions. That's what TSR
> wants, that's how it is.
> 2) The halfling were already leaving. Probably because advanced undead
> scouts of Azrai were moving in.As for the books, I wouldn;t count them as
> being too close to the "truth". Novels are like that. After all, in the
> iron Throne, no mention seems to be made of the fact that Anuire still
> controls much of Rjurik and Brecthtur.
> 3) I somehow don't think the Serpent is powerful enough to grant spells
> himself..Maybe with a blood power over 100 he could, but his is way too low
> IMO. Either he has some artifact that lets him do so. Maybe one with the
> trapped souls of the Masetians inside. Or he has some sort of deal with a
> Demon Lord or somesuch.
> Samwise
Thanks, Sam. This is the kind of feedback I was looking for! Actually,
I never even thought of the point you make in #3! An artifact with the
trapped souls of the Masetians inside! Brilliant!

Take note, BR guys, thats a good explanation!