I've seen a lot of ideas for the new hardcover;
here are some of mine. For a start, what this
hardcover will need is a good index (like the PHB).
Right now, it can be pretty difficult to locate
a certain rule you THINK you read somewere.

As for the battle system: I think having the option
of miniatures instead of cards is great. While I haven't
played any card battles yet (strictly PBeM up to now),
I think that while they look good, they don't do anything
for making a battle come alive. If, with this new system,
you can use mini's instead, that would be nice.
Then again, that's also possible right now... I don't think
using them is incompatible with the system as it stands.
I do think adding dice rolls is a nice thing (most of us

As for new PC races: I think Goblins would be great. Take
the time to explain their culture, open up goblin domains
for players... as Puck Chabba shows in the Anuirean Chal-
lenge (don't ask), they can be a lot of fun. Yes, I would
definately like to see Goblin PCs.
Don't go over the top, though. No Orogs, Sea Devils or Giants
please. These races are intrinsically evil and wouldn't add
anything to the already available choices except for powers
best reserved for beasties you should kill.
I also don't think Gnomes should be introduced as PCs. But
reading Rich's (it was his, wasn't it?) post on how he saw
BR gnomes as shy and mysterious faerie folk, unknown and not
understood by the outside world, is great. Could somebody
dig up that post and see what's there the boys can use?
I would like some info on them. But keep it mysterious, it's
more fun that way. Perhaps a few paragraphs, half a page, of
what people think they are and what they do. But no game stats
please, that's always a sure way to kill any suspense.
If you can't work this into the hardcover, perhaps a separate
accesory on Cerilian faerie folk could be made with info such
as this. This might even attract non-BR players, as a lot of
people like the Wee Folk.

Ed mentioned he wanted to put more legends in the hardcover
to enhance roleplaying; more quests, more mystique. But to
me, this seems rather vague. Any concrete ideas on how you
want to do this, Mr Ed? (sorry, just couldn't resist).

All in all, I think this relaunch is an excellent opportunity
to put more Arthur / Ivanhoe / Robin Hood in the game. To me,
these are the archetypes for the BR setting. If the game would
reflect that just a bit more, I would be thrilled.

BTW I've just started reading the Wars of the Roses cycle by
Shakespeare (Richard II, Henry IV parts 1 & 2, Henry V, Henry
VI parts 1, 2 & 3, Richard III); they, too, should give some
pretty good inspiration. For any Dutch people out there, the
new translation in Dutch by Tom Lanoye and Luc Perceval is
great, check it out if you can (I'm reading both that and the
original at the same time). They're also performing it in one
gigantic 9-hour performance, but alas, all tickets were gone.
If you can, catch their translation (called 'Ten Oorlog') and
the original, and go see the play if you can get tickets.

Bye for now