re Jim Cooper's post.
1) I thought so too, but read the product descriptions. That's what TSR
wants, that's how it is.
2) The halfling were already leaving. Probably because advanced undead
scouts of Azrai were moving in.As for the books, I wouldn;t count them as
being too close to the "truth". Novels are like that. After all, in the
iron Throne, no mention seems to be made of the fact that Anuire still
controls much of Rjurik and Brecthtur.
3) I somehow don't think the Serpent is powerful enough to grant spells
himself..Maybe with a blood power over 100 he could, but his is way too low
IMO. Either he has some artifact that lets him do so. Maybe one with the
trapped souls of the Masetians inside. Or he has some sort of deal with a
Demon Lord or somesuch.