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>Um, doesn't the product list for '98 indicate that the Cold Rider, is
>Azrai? Sorry if this kills this thread dead and/or spoils everything, but
>it's right there in the adventure summaries. (Kinda like TV Guide killing
>the suspense witht ehir summaries, eh?)

Not really. I've always assumed that the Cold Rider was the ghostly form of
Azrai, but in his undead state he is too weak to actually grant any spells,
so someone or something must be doing it instead. The fact is if the Cold
Rider had even a fraction of Azrai's original power he would have already
returned. Before I stated that IMC Azrai had tapped into a form of
Anti-Creation in order to boost his power. As I have treated this force
alot like the Cthulu(sp?) mythos, it is only fitting that Azrai now suffers
a type of eternal punishment for using these energies (much like Humans
turning into Deep Ones, from worshipping the Cthulu deities), and is now a
mere shadow (forgive the pun) of his former self. Azrai Priests may still
receive spells, but I doubt they are granted by the Cold Rider.

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