I found this neat set of rules called DBM(De Bellis Multitudinus, the
Battles of Multitude) that is used to have table top miniature battles.
What I do is I use the DBM rules with the warcards as the units you are
required to have for DBM. It works great and its simple. In DBM each
player rolls a 1d6 and adds the modifier for whatever type of unit he
has (spear, swordsman, etc.) to resolve battle. If one player has a
modified roll of double the other players, the unit that lost is
destroyed. If the roll is more but not double the unit that lost falls
back. I found this simple and it works great. Morale is woven into the
game but their are no morale "checks". I found this system to be simple
and to work well. I suggest it to anyone. Unfortunatly the rule booklets
are hard to get. I can give you a simplified version of the rules if you
want however, just e-mail me. Thanks,
- --
Nicholas Morrell a.k.a. Narek

General AD&D