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    Campaign Newspaper - Issue 38

    Here is the latest issue of the newpaper from my Birthright Campaign,
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    Ian Hoskins

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    From the Darkness we came,
    and to the Darkness we will return.
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    The Cerilian Times
    Issue 38 (Spring/576 MR)

    A Vaumel Publishing Production.
    Edited by Stephanie Vaumel, from her Imperial City offices.
    19 Imperial Street, Government District, Anuire City.

    Reporters: Various Merchants, Travellers, and Bards.
    Printing By: Royal College of Sorcery
    Archive Site:

    Sarimiere - Roelir 576 MR


    Diemed finally captures all of Medoere.
    The war between Medoere and Diemed seems finally to be over with the
    surrender of all remaining Medoerean soldiers after the fall of Alamier
    province. The war which began with the Medoere invasion of Diemed was ended
    after the intervention of Ghoere's army. What has happened to Lenviath da
    Enlien and the rest of the Medoere government is unknown but they are
    believed to have fled the province before its fall to the massed Diemed
    soldiers who swept aside the few remaining defences.
    In Diemed there is much celebration with the return of the Medoerean lands
    to Diemed control and even inside the three provinces that had made up
    Medoere there is some hope that this will mean an end to the long years of
    heavy taxation and military rule that have been common in recent years. It
    is believed that much of the wealth bled from the people by the High Priest
    had been wasted in the past years of conflict, but some has been recovered.
    The people of Medoere now hope that this will be used to repair the damage
    done during the war. Much of this recovered gold may go however to the many
    rulers and merchants who provided support to Duke Diem during the long
    struggle. Certainly without their help Diemed would never have been able to
    survive the initial invasion by Medoere, let alone the long drawn out
    conflict that followed.
    There is some concern however about the plans of Ghoere. It was their
    armies that finally destroyed the Medoere governments hopes of holding off
    Diemed. With the news that Ghoere is now claiming all of Roesone and the
    city of Ilien under his control and the former Baron Tael now declaring
    himself Archduke Tael their has been much concern in neighbouring lands
    about the ambitions of Vaesil Tael and his powerful armies.

    Aerenwe assists Roesone battle against Ghoere.
    The King of Aerenwe send a large force of soldiers, backed by summoned
    monsters, into Roesone to assist the Baron of Roesone in holding off the
    Ghoere advance. Assisting the Aerenwe armies was the High Mage Aelies, who
    made a rare appearance outside the forests of the Erebannien to battle with
    Ghoere's Sword Mage. The High Mage is also believed to have summoned the
    monstrous allies that aided the Aerenwe armies greatly in the fight against
    the mighty Ghoere war machine.
    Ghoere however was able to hold off the Aerenwe attack and the surviving
    Aerenwe troops have now retreated back across the border. Vaesil Tael, now
    the self declared Archduke of Ghoere has declared the Aerenwe actions those
    of an evil man wishing only to expand his own petty empire into lands
    rightfully belonging to Ghoere. The new Archduke has also said that before
    this attack Aerenwe was beneath his notice, but now that they have
    threatened his right to expand his nation as he sees fit that they have
    placed themselves in opposition to Ghoere. The new Archduke then went on to
    say that unless Aerenwe withdrew its invading troops from Osoerde and paid
    reparations to that nation that Ghoere would send its army to deal with
    them once and for all.
    Despite the destruction of the Aerenwe invasion force it did succeed in
    stopping the Ghoere advance into southern Roesone and that may allow Baron
    Kawn time to muster the troops he needs to drive out the invading Ghoere
    soldiers. Ghoere however seems to have the support of many of the people of
    the Roesone province of Bellam with the count of Bellam openly declaring
    his support for Ghoere. At a celebration to mark the defeat of the Aerenwe
    armies and his new role as Archduke of Ghoere Vaesil Tael announced that
    once it had been conquered the barony of Roesone would be split into two or
    three regions. The first would be northern Roesone consisting of the
    province of Bellam, Fairfield, and Ghoried. The second section would be
    southern Roesone which would comprise the rest of the conquered Barony and
    finally the Archduke was considering setting up Ilien as a free trading
    port, separate from the rest of the Roesone once more.

    Invasion of Rhuobhe fails.
    The heavily promoted and announced final invasion of the lands of Rhuobhe
    Manslayer has ended in a dismal failure with fewer than fifty of the
    thousands sent of to battle surviving. Guildmaster Arien Borthein of the
    Boeruine Peoples Guild had financed the invasion and spent much time
    gathering the support in Boeruine and elsewhere for such a large invasion.
    It seems however that the other Elven lands have assisted Rhuobhe in the
    defence of his province with large numbers of soldiers being reported where
    it was only expected to be two thousand at the most.
    Not much is known about what exactly occurred inside the Elven lands but
    one of the surviving soldiers talked of strong magical attacks overwhelming
    the Boeruine soldiers and that Prince Fhileraene of Tuarhievel and several
    other powerful Elven Mages were assisting in the battle while the Boeruine
    army had no wizards of its own.
    The Elven Gheallie Sidhe was also most effective against the Human
    soldiers, especially after the loss of the mounted units from Boeruine.
    Many soldiers are also thought to have been lost in the fighting in Tuornen
    as they attempted to flee in that direction.
    This battle is thought to have ended any chance Boeruine had of taking
    control of Tuornen from Avanil. With the loss of over five thousand
    soldiers against the Elves and the use of Undead by the Western Imperial
    Temple of Haelyn there is no longer any chance of success against the
    Avanil armies. Arien Borthien is also thought to have lost maybe all of his
    treasury in an attempt to rid Cerilia of Rhuobhe Manslayer and is now
    planning a long voyage of exploration away from Boeruine, and also possibly
    away from a very angry Archduke who wants to know why so many resources and
    soldiers were lost in a foolish attempt to destroy the Elves.

    Boeruine Offensive in Tuornen a failure.
    With the loss of so many soldiers in the fighting against the Elves the
    Boeruine spring offensive against Avanil's armies in Tuornen was always
    looking bad but things went far worse than even Archduke Boeruine thought
    possible. Legions of Undead summoned by the priests of the Western Imperial
    Temple of Haelyn overran the Boeruine positions in the mountains of Tuornen
    where they were preparing to advance and it was only the intervention by
    priests of the Northern Imperial Temple of Haelyn that enabled Boeruine and
    Talinie's army to escape without being totally destroyed. The main Avanil
    army never left the province of Haesrien where they were preparing for a
    Boeruine attack so they are still entirely intact.
    The Archduke has now called off his offensive against Tuornen claiming that
    the evil acts of the WIT makes it impossible for noble war to be fought
    between the rulers of Anuire. Although the Boeruine army is still stationed
    along the borders of Tuornen it is unlikely that they will proceed any
    further after such heavy losses and for now the fighting seems to be over.

    Rulers denounce the use of Undead by the WIT.
    Rulers across Anuire have denounced the action of the Western Imperial
    Temple of Haelyn in summoning Skeletal soldiers to do its fighting for it
    in Tuornen as the actions of a desperate and evil priest. Members of other
    orders of Haelyn have also declared that they no longer support the
    activities of the WIT and will work actively to shut them down for good.
    Lavalan Briesen of the Orthodox Imperial Temple, the oldest of all Haelyn's
    temples has called on Rhobher Nichalier to surrender himself to the forces
    of justice and resign from his position as the head of the Western Imperial
    Temple for bringing the faith of Haelyn into disrepute. Many other priests
    of Haelyn have also called for something similar, claiming that using
    Undead to fight your battles does not further the cause of noble warfare
    and the High Priest must be stopped before he goes too far and opens a rift
    to the Shadow World that can not be closed, putting all the peoples of
    Tuornen and the rest of Anuire at risk.
    Some are also claiming that the High Priest is no longer a servant of
    Haelyn and is instead the agent of an evil power from the Shadow World out
    to conquer Cerilia and that he can no longer be trusted and should be
    removed as soon as possible by Avanil's armies. There has been no word from
    Prince Avan about the actions of Rhobher Nichalier but it is believed that
    he is not happy and may take steps to see to the removal of the rogue
    priest himself.


    The Empire of Anuire:

    (4/1 - Imperial City) Following recent talks between Caliedhe Dosiere and
    Solomon Deephole it has been decided not to close down the Anuirean Trading
    company at least until the investigation into the incident between the
    guild and the holdings of Endier's Lauriel Kalien have been fully
    investigated. Guilder Deephole continues to protest his innocence in the
    matter despite several reports that he had personally ordered the attack.

    (14/1 - Imperial City) Our newspaper will soon be opening a new office in
    the nation of Alamie to cover all the events that have been occurring
    across northern Anuire in recent months. The new office will serve all the
    northern nations including Cariele, Mhoried, and Dhoesone.

    (17/1 - Mhoried) The government of Mhoried has begun the planning of
    several new castles in the provinces of Torien's Watch, Marlor's Gap, and
    Winoene. No construction work has yet been undertaken as the sites for the
    new castles are yet to be finalized.

    (19/1 - Dhoesone) Baroness Dhoesone this week announced that the guilds of
    Mheallie Bireon are now considered to be the official merchant organization
    in Dhoesone. It believed that the Baroness has sided with Cariele in an
    attempt to put an end to the expansion of the Andien and Son's guild in her
    lands. She is said to be worried about a trend that has developed in some
    of the Rjurik lands over recent years. Many of these lands have recently
    announced that Bannier Andien is the official guilder of their kingdom and
    then shortly after their Jarls and other merchants are thrown out by that
    kingdoms ruler. The Baroness of Dhoesone does not wish to see this happen
    in her lands and has allowed Mheallie Bireon to expand into Dhoesone in an
    attempt to stop the expansion of Andien and Sons.

    (9/2 - Taeghas) Several vessels belonging to the Taeghan Outfitters have
    been raided by pirates ships. Most of these vessels were sailing south of
    Taeghas towards the Imperial City. Prince Avan and Count Khorien have
    orders their fleets out looking for the pirates, but so far have been
    unable to find the haunts.

    (21/2 - Osoerde) The fighting in Osoerde between the forces of Duke
    Moergen, Coeranys, and Aerenwe continues with the invaders this season
    gaining the upper hand. Without the large Ghoere armies to protect them
    Osoerde has been forced out of three of its own provinces with Coeranys now
    holding Moergen province, while Aerenwe now occupies Algael and Spiritsend
    provinces. The Osoerde army though are still relatively intact and with the
    addition of extra troops coming in from Ghoere they may soon be able to
    drive out the invaders. There is some talk however of new army coming from
    Mhoried and Elinie.

    (29/2 - Taeghas) There has been trouble on the isle of Ribos between the
    two nations that have invaded the small island province. It is believed
    that the mercenary forces of Rjuvik have attacked their allies resulting in
    considerable fighting and bloodshed. It is also believed that most of the
    armies of Rjuvik left the island several days before the fighting began
    however so they may not have been involved in the later battles.

    (4/3 - Taeghas) There have been several raids by pirate vessels in the
    taeghas provinces of Portage. None have been very successful however as
    Count Khorien learned of the pirates coming and was able to drive them off
    with his powerful magic.

    (9/3 - Cariele) There has been trouble in the Cariele province of
    Mhelliviene with agents of Mhoried attempting to overthrow the control
    Mheallie Bireon has over the law in the province. The trouble is still
    continuing this month, and follows several months of rebellion and uprising
    throughout Cariele believed to have been sponsored by Mhoried. There is now
    talk of war breaking out between the two nations soon with the mighty
    armies of Mhoried fighting against the money and power of Mheallie Bireon.
    Some southern rulers are now hoping that this does not occur as it will be
    the opening the mighty armies of the Gorgon need to advance into Anuire.

    (22/3 - Five Peaks) The fighting between the tribes of the Five Peaks and
    Cariele continues with the Goblin King Gaxbar bringing in large numbers of
    new warriors to fight off the invaders. Cariele's armies backed by priests
    and additional troops from the Church of Sarimie were again unable to break
    through into Floodspaeth province. The losses of even more troops will do
    nothing to ease the rebellious feelings in some of the people of Cariele,
    but surprisingly the population remained calm this season and there were no
    new outbreaks of violence like that seen in recent month.

    (31/3 - Imperial City) Vaumel Publishing today released the first addition
    of its new annual survey of the realms of Anuire. We have examined all the
    powers that are at work across Anuire and today release the findings on who
    is the most powerful rulers in Anuire today.

    Most Powerful Kingdom:
    Despite some recent set back Avanil continue to remain the most powerful
    nation in Anuire. With control of Taeghas and Tuornen and its recent take
    over of the Darkreach Isles the Prince of Avanil remains the most powerful
    regent in all of Anuire. He is under some threat however from the newly
    declared Archduke of Ghoere. His influence is spreading across south
    eastern Anuire and unless check may soon wield as much power as the Prince
    of Avanil.

    Most Powerful Temple:
    The Militant Order of Cuiraecen is currently the most powerful faith in
    Anuire. With the various sects of the Imperial Temple of Haelyn continuing
    to splinter the Militant Order under the leadership of its High Priestess
    Fhylie the Sword has the faith of much of northern Anuire now following
    them. The Militant Order has suffered a recent set back however losing one
    of its temple in Mhoried to the Oaken Grove of Erik.

    Most Powerful Guild:
    The most powerful guild at the moment is Andien and Sons. With the
    influence in wields in the Rjurik lands and its growing power in northern
    Anuire, including Talinie, Dhoesone and the Goblin kingdom of Thurazor the
    influence of Bannier Andien continues to grow. Many are now calling him the
    true power power behind the throne of many of the Rjurik nations and soon
    he may have more influence that Prince Avan on the affairs of nations.

    Most Powerful Wizard:
    Although a difficult category to judge we still believe that the High Mage
    Aelies is the most powerful wizard in Anuire. Not much is known about this
    mysterious half-elf as he rarely leaves his forest home. When he does
    however he makes an impact that does not escape notice. Over recent months,
    working through his young lieutenant the High Mage has also managed to
    build up a small merchant empire, trading Aerenwe wool, and hides for
    Khinasi spices. Although still a small guild it may grow over the coming
    year to become a major player in Osoerde and Aerenwe.

    The Rjurik Highlands:

    (2/1 - Rjuvik) The Rjuvik armies which were on the isle of Ribos off
    Taeghas are now believed to be returning home after the success of their
    mission on the island. The remaining mercenary soldiers however will remain
    behind to maintain a Rjuvik presence on the island. This departure from
    Ribos was made possible after the Queen of Rjuvik used her priestly magic
    to dispel the warding created around the province by Harold Khorien the
    previous month.

    (15/3 - Rjuvik) The Queen of Rjuvik, Lady Dagmar has ordered that all the
    Jarls of her kingdom be arrested and imprisoned for failing to obey her
    instructions about the handing over of their small guilds to the Anuirean
    merchant Bannier Andien. The operation does not seem to have been that
    successful however as only one of the Jarls was captured the rest fleeing
    their homes before the attack came.


    (14/2 - Kiergard) Several units of the Gorgon's armies have suddenly
    decided to change sides and start backing the rebels against the main army.
    Their short lived rebellion was not very successful however as they have
    now been crushed. There has even been some talk of of the heads of the
    deserting troops being stakes out in long rows outside the Kiergard capital
    as a warning to any others who may be thinking of trying anything in the

    (30/3 - Rohrmarch) Due to the continuing problems in Kiergard and
    Massenmarch our Brechtur office has been unable to bring you all the news
    of the Brecht lands as we originally intended so we will instead be
    reprinting the newsletter printed by the Merchant Information Beauru which
    covers all the important news from Rohrmarch and the nearby lands.

    The editors of the MIB wish to extend our apologies to everybody who has
    been asking what has happened to us over the last six months. We were
    instructed by our patron, Guilder Frederick Buchassen of the Royal Frodrik
    Foresstannen Guild, not to print anything negative concerning taxes. Since
    most of the news recently has been about taxes and most of it negative we
    have taken the opportunity given to us to relocate and upgrade our working

    The elves have been exceedingly quite, maybe the alliance between the
    "King" and the Elves will hold.

    The Vampire
    The provinces bordering the Vampire's Hold are rejoicing at the news that
    the "King" has signed a non-aggression pact with The Vampire.

    Taxes have been reduced and the citizens of Rohrmarch were rejoicing until
    it was announced that the "King" had bought the Steelbenders Guild. The
    people were outraged that the "King" has been claiming that the
    reason for the high taxes was so that he could build the fortifications in
    the Northern provinces, when in fact he was lining his own pockets. Nobody
    knows, at least nobody would say, how much the "King" paid
    Siegfried Lessan for the Steelbenders Guild if he paid anything at all.

    As to the disposition of the Guilds the citizens of Rohrmarch are finding
    it hard to believe that both of the leading Guilders are retiring at almost
    the same time. It is their belief that Siegfried Lessan was forced to sell
    out to the "King". Rumours abound as to what the selling price could be
    but the buzz around court is that it was a half a million gold. We know
    this to be untrue because the "King" just announced that the Royal coffers
    held only ten thousand gold, was that before or after the acquisition of
    the Steelbenders Guild. When Frederick Buchassen
    decided not to sell out the "King" forced him to retire. Some even suggest
    that the Vicissitude Miners Guild is an attempt by Guilder Frederick to
    save at least part of his holdings.

    To put further emphasis on the problem for Frederick Buchassen and his
    guild the "King" in a surprise move shut down two trade route belonging to
    said guild. Thousands of citizens have been put out of work because
    of this action by the "King". The statement given when the trade routes
    were shut down was that they were giving aid and comfort to the enemy.
    As we look around Rohrmarch it is surprisingly peaceful for a nation at
    war. The only conflict that any Regent in Rohrmarch is involved in is the
    Church of Storm's Height and it's conflict with Aerenwe. Did the Church of
    Storm's Height ask the "King" to shut down these trade routes or is it more
    likely that the "King" after "buying out" the Steelbenders Guild found out
    that his coffers were getting low and decided that these trade routes were
    ripe for the picking and made up a story so that he could shut them down
    and put his own trade routes in place, which the "King" has already done.

    The people are asking when will the "King" and his cronies will turn their
    greedy eyes toward the Temples. If I were any Temple except the Church of
    Storm's Height I would be looking to establish myself someplace else. The
    Stormlord Seerbrand Temple has asked the Church of Storm's Height to spare
    it from the extinction by signing a vassalage agreement with said church.
    Sera's Blessing and Haelyn's Warriors better look out.

    The MIB asked this question of a few clergymen: "Aren't Haelyn's Warriors a
    vassal of the King?"
    The responses we received were not favourable. Now understand me that what
    follows is not necessarily the opinion of the MIB, this is just the opinion
    of one clergyman.
    "The King being a vassal to the Church of Storm's Height cares nothing
    for the people who stood by him when the Gorgon attacked, he is just trying
    to survive the same way he did then. Form an alliance with whoever appears
    to be the strongest and who won't mind being stabbed in the back when the
    winds of opportunity change. None of Rohrmarch's defenders when the Gorgon
    attacked are still around, they have either "retired" or have been absorbed
    by external Regents. I am no military expert but if the Gorgon was to
    attack now Rohrmarch would fall."

    Editor's Note
    Now that we have expressed the opinion of the citizens of Rohrmarch it
    might just be a good time for us to keep a low profile for a little while.
    If you do not here from us do not despair we will return. No Regent of
    Rohrmarch can keep the voice of the people silent forever.


    Due to the war between Aftane and Ariya we are unable to bring you any news
    from the Khinasi lands this season. Our agents has been caught up in the
    fighting and is currently in an Aftane prison, arrested for spying for
    Ariya. This is of course an untrue claim and we will do everything in our
    power to free the imprisoned reporter and call on the Red Kings of Aftane
    to do so immediately.


    To all the peoples of Rjuvik,
    I am Lady Dagmar, Queen of Rjuvik, consort to Fulgar the Blood Handed, High
    Priestess of Elo'ele, Sister to the Rjuven Alliance. I have declared that
    our ally in the Rjuven Alliance can take over the Guilds in our lands. For
    this he has promised us wealth and power. Yet, it seems that those that
    Fulgar has graced with allowing to be Jarls choose instead to be like the
    weaklings of the rest of these Northern lands and not embrace this power.
    I will not tolerate these beings disgracing the friendship we have gained
    in the North and South.
    I have heard that next they will turn us over to the other kingdoms so they
    can rule over us like proper Rjuven people.
    But, we are not just Rjuven.
    WE ARE RJUVIK. The first among the North.
    We are a powerful and feared kingdom. I will not cower before these Jarls.
    I now declare that these Jarls are enemies to our state. They will be
    brought before the people of the land and judged guilty for defying our way
    of life. The Rjuvik way is power.

    So says
    Lady Dagmar, Queen of Rjuvik
    So says
    Fulgar the Blood Handed, Pirate Lord of Rjuvik

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    Campaign Newspaper - Issue 38

    Good newspaper! Time was a little short, otherwise I would have
    drafted an Ariyan ... post. Next time ...

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