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> I liked your post and thought it well thought-out.
> I don't believe there is any set "cut-off" to becoming a god, however. The
> Serpent's followers gain priest spells (supposedly--this is still something
> of a legend in many campaigns), but we don't know who actually powers these
> spells. There are still worshipers of Azrai, and he's dead--but many of
> them get spells as well. Is it the Cold Rider, Belinik, Kriesha, or some
> other force we know nothing about? That's something we (the designers)
> chose to let you all hash out in your own campaigns. A debate on this issue
> could be very interesting ...
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> > GAH!
THANKS! I got praised by one of the BR guys!

Cool. (as he dreams of writing many more posts - perhaps even a few BR
adventures for DUNGEON mag - amid great cheering from the BR guys ...
(Ed Stark: yea, right!)

Seriously though, thanks for the compliment; it made my day!

Since I'm only about 3 hours aways from the TSR godfigures I have
worshipped since my childhood, I shall have to make a pilgramage. Pay
my respects. Do general worshiper stuff.

Hope you had a merry Christmas, and have a Happy New Year!

(Here's the twenty ...)

(Thanks, guy!)