Darkstar wrote:

> Cerilian undead are much the same as all undead, sort of skeletal or
> zombie like. What your problem here is the nasty sourceror el-Sheighul,
> who rules the Black Spear Tribes, summoning a large army of undead to
> kill you. Here is what I suggest you do.
> Talk to the priests in Kozlovnyy. There are two religions in that realm
> and both would have priests working for them. Priests cast spells that
> can destroy the undead armies that you are facing and I am sure that fo=
> a small amount of gold they will be able to help you. At the very least
> they can send along some priests with your armies to help with turning
> etc.
> The only trouble I see is that the sourceror is a very very very
> powerful guy and he isn't going to be happy with you running around in
> any of his provinces. Perhaps you should start considering retreat as a=
> option to save your lives?

Birthright Undead could be considered as a spirits, and the Shadow World =
a sort of
Spirit Prison. If you want to treat them differently. The Undead are no=
thing but
the same everywhere in construction and purpose (they are undead). Excep=
t in
Birthright, the Undead could be considered members of some macabre spirit=
prison or
the Shadow World is an appendage of the Negative Material Plane.

Which reminds me of the planet Kulthea. There, negative energy is spilli=
ng forth,
becoming an agent of destruction. This negative energy is known as the U=
(surprise). Apparrently, the Unlife is the leader of the Forces of Evil =
on this

=97 Elton Robb