> There are a few BR specific kits, and continuing guidelines for using
> existing kits on Cerilia. Right now, there are no more PC races included
> than in the boxed set, though we may consider goblins. Any comments on

Absolutely! Include the goblins! Orogs too!

However, just because they are humanoids shouldn't (to me) mean that they
are inherently inferior to the rest of the races, especially the way that
goblins seem to have been presented in the boxed set (worthwhile foes).
Please balance the stat mods (etc.) so players aren't punished for taking a
race that is normally evil. Isn't trying to rule a race of backstabing,
amoral blood-thirsty bandits tough enough allready? :)

- ---

Incedentally, will there be anything in the Hardcover to do with
integrating Player's Option material to Birthright? (Racial options, etc?)

(pleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease) :)

Later All!
Happy New Year and all that!

Tim Nutting