I've tried to condense some of it down, and some people didn't respond to
all the questions, or the responses weren't in an exactly categorical
form... (my fault, really, since I didn't ask all yes or no questions! :)

>2. I'm taking a bit of a survey to find out what people favor in a
>PBem...(you can respond by email at eric@cyberserv.com) or respond here, to
>get an idea of what people like..(if enough people respond to me, I'll post
>the tallies...)
> a. What region do you favor? (anuire, brechtur, vosgaard, etc)
Brechtur 42%, Anuire 30%, Khinasi 14%, and Rjurik 14%

> b. Do you prefer to start at 1st level, 3rd, 5th, or the stated
>levels in the books?
40% Books, 30% Both, and 30% other levels

> c. Do you prefer making up your own character completely? or going
>with the ones in the books?

33% Books, 33% Own, 33% Both

> d. Do you prefer lots of player interaction, (between each other,
>and the dm) or less?

100% Lots of Interaction :)

> e. Do you get into the role-playing aspects of the pbem or just the
>conquer the world aspects?

100% As much role playing as possible

> f. Do you feel we should make some general conventions about the
>rules on pbem? (so people kind of know what they're getting into on the
>various games...)

This one was weird, since the answers came back in several different
forms...like "yeah, I'd like it, but I don't know how they could do it.." or
"each DM has their own idea of how the game should be run" which doesn't
tell me yes or no bout the idea. So it worked out:
43% for, 57% against...

> g. Do you prefer 1 week or 2 week turn around times?

78% 1 week turnaround, 22% 2 weeks

> h. Do you prefer to have adventures (of sorts) in the games or just
>stick to the strategy?

90% Adventures, 10% Not

> i. Do you prefer a first-come first-serve basis for selecting
>domains, or some more round-robin approach?

88% first come first serve, 12% other

> j. Do you use ICQ for contacting DM's or other players at all? or much?

43% Yes, 57% No

> k. What kind of a response time do you expect or need out of a dm
>for various actions? (assume a 2 week turned game)

This question was somewhat misunderstood by a few people, insomuch as I can
definitely see why...my word choice wasn't the best..I mentioned "actions"
which might imply that if you submitted your actions in a 2 week game, how
soon should the dm get them back to you...a week, right? :) well, I
generally meant that if you send a dm an email..(you need to find out when
the adventure on friday is gonna be, 7pm or 8pm) and how soon should a
beleagred DM get back to you :)

71% 24 hours, 29% 48 hours

> l. Do you use the online chat functions of some of the various web

78% No, 22% yes

> m. Do you find the online message board function useful?

89% yes, 11% no

> n. Would you prefer to use the player's options in the games?

63% yes, 37% no

> o. Do you prefer the use of kits in the games?

63% yes, 37% no

> p. Do you like to have the option available for other players to
>play Awnsheghlien?
> q. Do you like to play Awnsheghlien?

same answers on p and q,

56% No, 44% yes
>Guess that covers it for now ;)