On Tue, 30 Dec 1997, James Ray wrote:

> > There are still worshipers of Azrai, and he's dead--but many of
> > them get spells as well. Is it the Cold Rider, Belinik, Kriesha, or some
> > other force we know nothing about? That's something we (the designers)
> gods dont always stay that way. Death is funny like that in AD&D. There
> is still plenty of his "essence" still in the world (hence his bloodline
> derivation) and maybe it is some residual effect of that lingering divinity
> that allows his remaining followers to cast spells. Surely, though,
> Belinik and Kriesha wouldnt spend their own divine power granting spells to
> Azrai's remaining priests unless they were at least a little bit concerned
> that Azrai is not quite ALL the way dead, as it were. I think it most

No Belinik and Kriesha wouldn't spend power granting spells to Azrai's
priests. More likely they would do all possible to root out an absent but
rival God. If Azrai in any form really gives power to priests then there
may be somekind of an agreement between him and Belinik and Kriesha.

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