There has lately been alot talk about elven priest and elven spiritual life
and even a bit about the gods on this list. That did popup a thought in my
sick mind, an "elven" god. Please, don't start to reply yeat and say that's
impossible, this god has nothing to do with elves worshiping one, this is
about the silly humans.

Elves has that in common with gods that they live forever if nothing special
happens and for humans all elves must look the same (this could be compared
with white peoples difficulties to describe a colored person, and yes it's the
same the other way around). So if an elf did do something, another elf could
get the credit/blame for it. When there is a quite "evil" elf who is feared by
most humans, our hero Rhuobhe, he would get easily get blame for everything
bad which has happened to humans where a lone elf has been a part of the
happening, which with the screwed imagination of the humans will point to that
Rhuobhe can be on many places at the same time, teleport between places (ops,
yes he can really do that :) and so on. His list of "evil" acts would be so
long that it would be as long as from City of Anuire to Zwesserlund. Only a
god could be this evil and still live. So it should really be quite common
that humans pray to Rhuobhe to spare them from anything evil that day, like
Hindus does sometimes pray to Kali (I hope I haven't missunderstand that part
of Hinduism, in that case I'm sorry). As I'm one of those DM's who thinks that
the number of worshipers is in relation to the strength of the god, I think
Rhuobhe would have alot of "secondary worshipers" from he would get a bit of
the worshiper-power as he has become a part of the religions the humans
belives, not as the main god, but as the devil who you must be friendly to or
otherwise something bad will happen you. Maybe a small number of Rhuobhe
cultis would exsist as humans has the great ability to missunderstnad what
others means (just look at christianity, how many fractions aren't there with
their own belives on how christianity really is). As an elf he is more
connected with the univers and therefore would have much easier than a human
to enter a godly status. I don't think that Rhuobhe would suppor own preist as
it should still be far from his belives and he would prolly not think about
himself as an god, but justa lucky guy gaining extra powers from the folish
humans. Maybe he would use his powers to temptate the human clerics to a path
away from their gods. Oki, now it's time to start posting protests against a
common "satan/devil" in the Anurian religions, but don't forget that our hero
does have some special powers which is a bit hard to explain with only
bloodpowers and magic spells.

//Trizt of Ward^RITE