Jonathan Picklesimer wrote:

> First, I understand the Rulebook to indicate that a priest of Rournil can cast MAGICIAN spells half of his level. Now, does he cast those spells as a magician, with the incipient bonus spells for specialization, or just as an unspecialized magic user.

As an unspecialized magic user. The priest after all can only cast the
spell and is not actually a magician so would not get the bonus spells.

> Second, does the stipulation that the priest cast as a magician hinge solely upon hte assumption that most of the priests are unblooded? i.e. Since he is a blooded priest of Rournil, can he actually cast as a WIZARD of half level?

No, priest of Rournil are not allow wizards spells. The ability to cast
magician spells is granted by Rournil as a priest of the god of magic
would be expected to learn a lot about magic as part of their religion.

> Third, the BoP and several other sources mention that the temples of Rournil fight against the encroachment of the Shadow World, yet their spell access does not seem to allow for any spells that would be particularly effective in warding off the evil generated by the SW. One creative member of this list added the astral sphere, modified to access only the SW, as a sphere to Rournil. Was this effective? Is this necessary?

I have always taken this to mean that priest of Ruornil will battle any
necromancers and others that attempt to raise the dead or otherwise
allow creatures of the Shadow world access to Cerilia.

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