Sepsis wrote:

> Goblins would make an excellent addition to the PC races of Cerilia. The BR
> setting presents them in an intelligent light, far above the mindless
> little bugs that they are in most settings. Also they seem more "alive"
> given their history and role in the political world of Cerilia, so it only
> seems fitting that they become a standard. While I find it hard to picture
> a "heroic" Goblin PC, I find it easy to picture a cunning and conniving PC
> Goblin. As long as the rules governing them reflect this naturally sinister
> nature all will be fine, at least IMHO.
> Sepsis, (ICQ:3777956)

I agree with Sepsis: goblins are a vital part of Cerilia and merit to be further
developp. My favorite, even if it isn't goblins, are Orogs. An idea that i didn't
developp yet, but in my opinion has great potential, is orog realms. In many
realms of Cerilia, there is montains. On the top, humans, elves and halflings
live and under them, orog could prosper. So, under a big city, there could be
another, an orog one. Under their feet, another culture is prospering! And a
warlike one. Big trouble in the horizon... Well, this is just an idea.