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>When we now mention connection to the land, IMO druids are really closely
>connected to the land (I have used this in some half made worlds which I have
>used), so closely that they don't need a god/godess to worship. They would
>their powers from the connection with the land, when they cas spells they use
>the eneriges loaded in the land. In same way could (it's all up to you) let
>elves to have a limited access to druid class. One way to limit is to not
>allow to highleveled spells, let say they can't use 3rd level spells. That
>shouldn't be unbalacing to much as elves can become rangers, and they have
>access to priestly spells 8or does people disalow this for elves without
>giving them something else to balance them?).

This is exactly the basis I use for my Elven Druids. Although I do not
limit their level progression or access to spells, they find the use of
magic distasteful and unbalancing, thus they only use it in the most dire
of circumstances. Such as to repair or prevent unnatural destruction of a
natural site, never to affect that which nature can handle on its own in
due course. In addition, my Elven Druids are strictly NPCs and this greatly
controls access to their magical abilities, but I do like the idea of
perhaps limiting the level of spells (and/or Spheres) they could have
access to. Primarily because they do not exist to grant Elves Priest
spells, but to fill a natural spiritual vacuum that the Elves have. BTW, I
do allow Elven Rangers to have access to spells. Its my opinion that this
are folks who could of become Druids, but they could not sit by and "let
nature take its course". They feel compelled to use their abilities in a
more active fashion, and thus are not non-partisan enough to be Druids.

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