I=B4m new on the list.My name=B4s Cesar ,I study chem=
and I=B4m a DM since I was twelve.Besides my
Birthright campaign which is centered in Aerenwe I also run a Dragonlance
one.Both are low level (usualy third to fifth ) and low magic,and in case
you are wonderig,yes,I do hear the wor munchkin a lot.
I=B4m running the ETN on Darkstar=B4s PbM and all the =
concerning the game can now be sent to this adress.

And now the important stuff:
Howcome it`s almost impossible for a regent not to pay the maintenan=
of his domain as a result of unespected events? Using the Rulesbook,
maintenance is payed imediatly after taxes are colected ( steps 4 and 5 o=
the Domain Sequence of Play).What I mean is that it=B4s not possible for =
domain coffers to be drained by an unespected war ( or other event) ,and
becoming unable to support the domain=B4s maintenance ( and creating a
seriously anoying probklem to the regent ).
Possible solution:move step 5 of the Domain Sequence of play to the
end of the Domain turn.

Another question:
How exactly is a Chaotic Good Paladin suposed to behave? Isn=B4t it a
contradiction?And how about a non-True Neutral Druid?
It=B4s true that the loosening of alignment changes for some specific cla=
opens new role-playing possibilities , but it also brings one question: H=
DO they behave??How much are they the same,and how diferent are they?

Cesar Manta

=B4=B4Shaken, not stirred=B4=B4
Ian Fleming