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    Kvigmar or Hjolvar

    Has anyone done in development on the Rjurik domains of Kvigmar and =
    Hjolvar on the Krakenauricht? If so, would you like to share some =
    ideas. I am going to steer my party up in that direction and am looking =
    for some good ideas to help start developing a Domain Source Book kind =
    of thing for the area.

    Also, how incredibly difficult should it be for someone to convince a =
    Rjurik jarl that wizardly magic may not be such a bad thing, especially =
    in a middle-of-nowhere, barely-hanging-on realm?


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    Kvigmar or Hjolvar


    I've developed an interesting Necromantic cult which sprung up in
    Hjolvar. I'm now trying to get it published in DRAGON, but if you'd like
    an advanced copy (by e-mail), just let me know.

    - --

    ā€œBakusai tenketsu!ā€ - Hibiki Ryoga

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