Brian wrote:

> Date: Sun, 14 Dec 1997 21:23:37 -0800
> From: Brian Stoner
> Subject: Re: [BIRTHRIGHT] - Advice for new BR DM
> In the game I'm DMing there are 6 regents. Two are wizards, 2 are
> thieves (one rules Endier as well), and 2 are landed rulers. It has
> been difficult to run the game, and I will not allow this many regents
> again. I've been forced to take one of the players as a co-DM and
> we've
> split the duties of which domains we control, as well as planning
> adventures. We actively run 6 or so domains apiece.
> I made a sheet that helps me keep track of the NPC domain actions. It
> is in MS Word 6.0 format, and anyone who wants it can email me for it
> (don't email the list). This sheet has helped me alot. For each
> action, I determine ahead of time how much it will cost and what the
> roll will require, but I wait to roll until the game, because players
> may effect the action. It is important to keep accurate records of
> each
> NPC domain. I have been able to trim the amount of time needed to run
> the NPC domains alot...I now move faster than the players do.
> The real difficulty now is getting all the charaters to join in on
> adventures without killing each other. My current adventure took two
> weeks to get off the ground because the characters tried to kill each
> other on the road to the adventure. I fixed the problem temporarily
> by
> forcing the elven members to leave the party... Unfortunately, the
> players who had elves have started doing the same kinds of stuff with
> their new characters. I may be forced to kick the players out, which
> is
> bad because one is my brother and the other is his girlfriend...
> Mostly, the players get along really well.
> Well, I've gone off on a tangent, sorry. I think I've made my point.
> Good luck with your game.
> Brian

Hey, I represent that remark!

BTW, I have a question for the makers of the game - Elves are incapable
of cast Priest magic because they don't follow the gods, right? Well,
what if on folloewed a Force or Philosophy? Then could they be priests?

(eg, a Force of nature)