Trizt wrote:

> I guess I'm not the first one to notice this and maybe not even the first who
> has posted about this, but anyhow:
> Whats the name of the forest province in northwest Markazor, between Torien's
> Watch (Mhoried), Mountainsedge (Cariele), Bhindraith (Tuarhievel), Riverspring
> and Shattered Hills (Markazor). Does this place has any official values
> (pop/src), any history and does it really be a part of Marakzor?
> //Trizt of Ward^RITE

No, it has no name. In talking with some of the TSR people over the last 2
They offered several suggestions/options for that province.

1. It's a goof. A complete mistake, treat it as part of Riverspring.

2. It's a province deliberatly left empty. Given its location and terrain it
could be used
a PC realm of virtually any race.

3. It's not a province yet. Much like some of the islands, It has no ratings yet.

IMC, I used option number 2. In fact I have slightly modified the players realm
sent it to Darkstar to post in the Netbook (I haven't looked in a week or two, so
I don't
know if he put it up yet...Ian?)


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