Hello there!

I've been thinking about how to introduce the book 'Sages & Specialists'
in my new Birthright campaign. Perhaps it would be useful to have a
new Character Action called 'Find Sage'. It would work exactly as the
'Lieutenant' action, but the result is that you find a sage that works
by your side, very much as lieutenants do. However, sages cannot do
actions for the character unless the sage is an expert in these actions.

Sages should gain a level for every two levels that their liege

Comments on particular sages:

Apothecary: Unvaluable for the non-good thief regent.

Appraiser: They often have the Administration proficiency.
They are often required for regents of realms where mages
are shunned, such as in Rjurik or in Vos kingdoms.

Blacksmith: They make a weapon of exceptional quality once a month.

Cartographer: I am thinking of a dirty trick. If my players have not
a cartographer in their court they cannot look at the maps. :>

Engineer: They often have the Siegecraft proficiency. Their presence
should give a bonus on the 'Building' and 'Fortify' actions.

Guide: They can serve as a 'link' between the commoners and the PCs.

Healer: A good option for elven regents.

Historian: See Cartographers ;)

Scribe: They often have the Administration proficiency.

Seer: A good way to drop some priestly magic among the elves, or some
wizardly magic among dwarves.


Agis (Spain)