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    The Mummy

    The Mummy

    "Who would disturb my prayers! Ahhh...I have been expecting you. Don't look
    so surprised, I have seen much in my communes with the Dark One. Perhaps
    you are unsettled by my appearance, the 'husk' of a man speaking as though
    I was alive. If it were not below me I would be sick at your sight. I am
    beyond the concerns of mortal flesh, time has no meaning. All that matters
    is the return of Azrai! Don't look so frightened, if you had been anyone
    else you would have been dead long before reaching me. You shall live, live
    to tell the world of Azrai's second coming and how he shall rise again in
    the flesh of his most faithful servant. Imhaptet, the vessel of the Dark
    One preserved until the time of rebirth. I am Imhaptet, and the time of
    rebirth is at hand! Flee and tell all that the Dark One will live again,
    let them know their time grows short."

    Centuries ago when the followers of Azrai fought to subdue the races that
    had fled to Cerilia the man Imhaptet was a High-Priest of that dark god. He
    stood amongst the ranks of Azrai's armies when the blast that took the
    lives of the old gods occurred. While he was struck to the ground, Imhaptet
    quickly rose and found himself unharmed. At least he believed so at first.
    Imhaptet stumbled away from the battlefield stunned and in shock, he could
    feel the absence of his god and he could barely stand the emptiness.
    Imhaptet wandered for days until he slowly came out of his stupor. The
    first thing he noticed was he felt nether hungry, thirsty, nor tired. Then
    he saw himself, his features appeared sunken and his skin was dry as sand.
    At first he panicked, and was convinced he was dying. Imhaptet found a
    nearby shelter and prepared to spend the last of his time in prayer to his
    dead god. But as more time passed Imhaptet found he did not die, instead he
    continued to desiccate at an unnatural rate. It was then Imhaptet "knew"
    what had happened, Azrai had "blessed" him and he was transforming to a new
    state of existence, a state that would serve his god better in the trials
    to come. It was "obvious" to Imhaptet that Azrai was not truly dead, for he
    himself no longer had a heartbeat but still lived. Imhaptet also discovered
    that Azrai had granted him another gift, at will he could cause objects he
    touched to rot away as though blighted by the passing of centuries.
    Imhaptet knew he had to prepare for the next sign from his unholy lord. He
    struck out to construct a secluded temple where he could slowly gather his
    power until next he heard from Azrai. But no place is completely isolated,
    with the passing years adventures discovered Imhaptet's slowly growing
    temple and stepped inside to confront it's foul master. Most died in battle
    with Imhaptet, but a few fled only to find themselves infected with a
    withering disease that quickly killed them. Those that died from the
    disease soon rose again as obedient servants of Imhaptet, shambling back to
    his unholy temple. Their dried forms a parody of his own. Over the
    centuries Imhaptet has amassed a small group of mummified servants, who
    watch over him as he prays for guidance from Azrai. Imhaptet has now risen
    from his near endless state of meditation, his mind filled with a vision.
    Imhaptet "knows" now the full reason for his transformation, Azrai shall
    return and use Imhaptet's body as his new form. All he must do now is
    gather enough worshippers to trigger the final rebirth, worshippers who
    revere Imhaptet as a living god-form. An eternal vessel of divine power.

    Please Note: Imhaptet is a unique version of a Greater Mummy (MM
    pg.262-263). Information found in the Ravenloft supplement "Van Richten's
    Guide to the Ancient Dead" can be very useful when running this
    Awnsheghlien, but it is not necessary to have this in order to use
    Imhaptet. All relevant information is presented here.

    Intelligence: 18
    Activity Cycle: Any (night preferred)
    Diet: Nil
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil
    Movement: 9
    Size: M (6' tall)
    Armor Class: -3
    Hit Points: 107
    Saves As: P20
    THAC0: 7
    No. of Attacks: 1
    Damage/Attack: 3d6 or by weapon/spell
    Special Attacks: See below
    Special Defenses: See below
    Magic Resistance: 25%
    Morale: 18
    Blood: Great (Azrai) 32
    Blood Abilities: Bloodform (Major), Touch of Decay (Great)
    XP Value: 18,000

    S: 19 (+3,+7) D: 10 C: N/A
    I: 18 W: 23 Ch: 1 (18 w/Rod of Splendor)

    Spells (Wisdom bonus added in): 13/12/12/11/9/6/2
    Spell Spheres: (Major) All, Combat, Guardian, Protection, Summoning
    (Minor) Charm, Healing, Necromantic

    Equipment Carried: Imhaptet may be carrying other items with him when
    encountered, but he always possesses the following two items regardless of
    what else he has: a Rod of Splendor, and a +2 Dagger Imhaptet calls "Set"
    (translated from a long dead language Set means death or dead).

    Imhaptet has all the resistances, abilities, and weaknesses of a standard
    Greater Mummy that is 500+ years old. Except when a character dies from
    Imhaptet's Mummy Rot they rise (after 2 hours, or 12 Turns) as a standard
    Mummy and serve him utterly. At any one time Imhaptet will have 14 or more
    Mummy servants. Imhaptet could be a potentially deadly foe to anyone in
    Cerilia, but it is his inability to truly sense time that has left him
    "harmless" and relatively unnoticed. Many times Imhaptet has been moved to
    action only to stop and ponder, or even pray for further guidance, and
    allow decades to pass before he moves again. In addition, Imhaptet is
    completely mad, centuries in this form has twisted his mind. He now utterly
    believes that his dead god will one day be reborn through him, and all the
    world will worship them both as equals. One of Imhaptet's most terrifying
    aspects is the fact some power still grants him spells (as per a 20th level
    Priest). It is unknown who or what gives him his magical abilities, but
    many speculate that it has something to do with his new form and his
    undying faith. Imhaptet believes it is proof that Azrai still exists and
    will return. For the most part Imhaptet will remain non-threatening unless
    he is disturbed, but there may come a time when this will change.

    Adventure Ideas:

    1) Imhaptet has risen from his hiding place and attacked a small secluded
    Province. Before anything can be done Imhaptet has converted most of the
    inhabitants into Mummies. These Mummies worship Imhaptet and allow him to
    gain a Temple Holding in the PCs country. It won't be long before Imhaptet
    decides to expand his domain and form more Temples.

    2) Imhaptet uses his Rod of Splendor to move amongst the living. Again he
    forms a small Temple, or Temples (to an unknown saint), and quickly
    attracts a large number of followers. Soon his loyal Priests are sabotaging
    other Temples (or bringing rival Priests to Imhaptet, so they may be
    "converted"), and Imhaptet gains a Temple Holding, or Holdings if he has
    been active in more then one Province. Imhaptet keeps his mummified
    followers down to a minimum, and under wraps (no pun intended).

    3) Imhaptet's secluded Temple is actually in the Shadow World. After
    centuries of gathering mummified (and other low-level undead) followers, he
    strikes out into Cerilia attempting to forge an empire in Azrai's name.
    Preparing it for Azrai's return Imhaptet will rule until he does (of course).

    4) The PCs have heard about a long abandoned Temple in a nearby Province.
    Rumor has it that it contains valuable treasure (or perhaps a magical item
    they are looking for), and/or an ancient evil dwells there that must be
    stopped before it can harm innocents. In reverse the PCs may have heard of
    a new being of power that just might need a new ally. Either way Imhaptet
    hates to be disturbed and will attempt to destroy anyone who enters his
    Temple. In addition, if anyone steals something from his Temple he will not
    rest until he hunts them down and reclaims his property (and most likely
    the Thief as well).

    Sepsis, (ICQ:3777956)

    "War is a matter of vital importance to the State;
    the province of life or death;
    the road to survival or ruin.
    It is mandatory that it be thoroughly studied."
    -Sun Tzu,(The Art of War)-

    BR Netbook:

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    Alan B. Barton

    The Mummy

    Very cool! I assume it will make it to the netbook?!

    Please share any more great ideas!

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    Glenn Robb

    The Mummy

    I see the Mummy like the one in the 1970's version of "The Mummy's Curse"=
    Peter Cushing and J. Carpenter(?).

    But he is cool nontheless.

    =97 Elton Robb

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    The Mummy

    In a message dated 97-12-04 03:20:51 EST, you write:

    > The Mummy

    Hey, great job! After I finish running Warlock (in a Brechtur incarnation), I
    will challenge my surviving PCs ;-) with this one!

    BTW, I appreciate the time you took to work up a complete background and
    reasoning for his abilities.

    - -DE

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    The Mummy

    Alan B. Barton wrote:
    > Very cool! I assume it will make it to the netbook?!

    Yes it will, as soon as I get a chance to add it. Some time next week it
    should appear on my page, along with everything else I have been sent
    over the past week or so.

    - --
    Ian Hoskins

    ICQ: 2938300
    Home Page:

    From the Darkness we came,
    and to the Darkness we will return.

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