The question wasn't whether priests used action or faith to carry out thier
objectives, it was what powered their magic. In that case, yes, even the war
god would use faith and not action to provide spells. A war priests spells
would focus that faith towards blessing weapons and protecting followers.

As for the world of Birthright being different, and magic power
(mehbgaili???) being a natural force. Blah, you've been listening to those
pansy elves too much. They've corrupted the continent of Cerilia with their
magic, it must be cleansed of the pointy ears influence. True magic is
available to all with the will to find it. The Magian only learned about
magic sources after he reached this land, yet he was always a true mage. The
mages of Vorynn were also true mages, but their knowledge was destroyed by
Azrai and those elves that followed him. The elves and their enchanted
forests must burn. (All this is in-character for human warrior and i know
it's not official, but he hates elves *grin* and magic.)

- -joshua