At 06:50 PM 12/1/97 -0500, you wrote:
>Do you think is within a DM's right to have a PC's eye hit be an arow shot by
>a NPC of less than 6th level (our DM did not tell us his level) without
>making any check? I, the PC with one eye, was walking down a road in
>Chainmail following the tracks of a dragon (or at least their supposed to be
>dragon tracks) and wham, I was hit in the eye by an archer in a tree! How
>may I ask does an arrow fired from a tree hit someone in the eye who is
>looking down (It did not bounce off anything)?
>An would someone with 18 (57) strength cut the tip of this finger off while
>eating dinner because he had a good idea pop into his head? (Yes, bone and
>all. It was a regular eating knife)
Your DM appears to be playing by a different set of rules than most of us
do. While our basic response is, "The DM is always right," you as a player
are entitled to some measure of fair play. Sometimes, for the sake of the
story, you need to sit back and say to yourself, "I don't think that rule
works that way, and I'll bring it up after the game, but right now I'll
live with the DM's decision for the sake of the story." Just how much of
this you can take is up to you, and if you've put up with too much of it,
you can always vote with your feet, as they say. No one's /making/ you play
in that game.

As far as shooting someone in the eye, at the very least I'd require a
Called Shot -- a normal attack roll with a -4 penalty to reflect the
difficulty of the shot (maybe even -8 for such a small target as an eye!)
In regards to the character severing his finger because he had a good idea,
I'd say the only way that would happen would be if his good idea had been
to cut off his finger. Roll with the punches if it's good for the game, but
you're certainly allowed to inform the DM that you think he needs to follow
the rules too.

Rich Baker
Birthright Designer