>Do you think is within a DM's right to have a PC's eye hit be an arow shot by
>a NPC of less than 6th level (our DM did not tell us his level) without
>making any check? I, the PC with one eye, was walking down a road in
>Chainmail following the tracks of a dragon (or at least their supposed to be
>dragon tracks) and wham, I was hit in the eye by an archer in a tree! How
>may I ask does an arrow fired from a tree hit someone in the eye who is
>looking down (It did not bounce off anything)?

Ok, ok, it sounds a bit odd to me, but your DM has a reason for doing
this (at least he should have..)

So get your character act! Imagine the pain and the hatred! IMHO I would
trace this bloody being down and I should not rest until he lies dead
under my feet. After that I would seek for possibilities to heal the

That's what you should do... (BTW blaming your DM is no fun)