> Sir Spud,
> Greetings, In reply to your message, How? Although I have been gamming
> for years I am no news group saavy as of yet. Let me know and I will be
> happy to.
> Thanks,
> Scott

Posting to the netbook is simple. I am sorry, I assumed you already
knew. I have been on this list for about a year now and I guess I
forgot there were "newbies" on the list. To post to the netbook, simply
type up what information you want to "post" and send it to Darkstar. I
don't have his e-mail address but his netbook address is
http://www.box.net.au/~hoss/birth.html Visit this site and he will have
a link to e-mail the information to. Once he receives it he will take
care of the rest. If you have any specific questions about the netbook,
he is more qualified than I am to answer. Good luck, and I hope to see
them on the netbook soon!

Sir Spud I