"Greetings mortals. I am a Watcher. I view the events that happen on a
world. A world that contains a continent called Cerilia. I watch, record,
and never interfere in the events that the mortals below, on this land,
create. I have seen all the past rulers, and now I see a continent without
a great leader that it once posessed. As I stare down at the new
generation of mortals that so eagerly strive to carve their names into my
writings, I see a place that could use even more power seeking regents to
stake their claim to the all important Iron throne. Who will be the next
Emporer? Will it be you? It can never be if you are not here! Join the
mortals searching for their destinies in a chapter of this history I call,
"The Dawning of a New Age."

Come and join the players of the newest BR PBeM campaign. Turn one will
not be due for another whole week, so there is plenty of time to get
invloved! There are still a few good domains remaining, so hurry! They
are available on first come, first serve basis. In this campaign, I have
opened it up to allow the most complete BR campaigning experience. Come
join in to find out what I mean! There are a lot of new ideas that are not
in other campaigns, and this one will be running weekly! Come join in our
campaign, "The Dawning of a New Age" now!
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