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Thread: Cerilian Moons

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    Cerilian Moons

    At 10:29 AM 11/27/97 -0000, Harding Nick(
    >Does anyone remember actually seeing a reference to the number or even
    >presence of moons going around Cerilia?

    In the beginning of the book "The Iron Throne", there is mention of a
    single moon.

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    Jeremy Reaban

    Cerilian Moons

    I'm not sure it says explicitly, but judging from the fact there's a Moon
    god, I'm surmising there's only one moon, and it's roughly the size of our

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    Cerilian Moons

    In a message dated 97-11-27 07:35:18 EST, you write:



    In "Ruins of Empire", pg.5, there is a reference to the Anuireans and Rjuriks
    using the Book of Days:

    "...which they base on the orbit of the moon and the movement of the
    constellation of Haelyn, the protector."

    I take the reference to *the* moon to mean there is only one, which I think
    is great. So many sci-fi or fantasy settings use the vehicle of multiple
    moons to make their setting seem "other wordly", its nice to see a good
    old-fashioned single-moon world. IMO, of course.

    Cheers and happy turkey to all,

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    Ed Stark

    Cerilian Moons

    Officially, there is only one moon orbiting Aebrynis.

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