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    Awnshegh domain moods

    > you walk and then extinguish themselves after you pass. I was wondering,
    > what other kinds of inspirations could there be for mood setting in the
    > awnshegh domains?
    > I came up with a few: Maybe _Anaconda_ for the Serpent, and _The
    > Birds_ in the Harpy's domain. _Arachnaphobia_ would be pretty good, too,
    > now that I think of it, for the Spider. Anybody else have any ideas along
    > this line?
    > Daniel McSorley

    Now that you come to mention it, I suppose there's quite a few out
    there you could use.

    Personally, I rather like Michael Wincott (the bad guy) in The Crow.
    Perhaps as the Swordhawk, or, rather appropriately if you'll pardon
    the pun - The Raven. Big sword collctions, stark rooms and a sense
    of style. Bad guys with style, can't knock 'em.

    On that line, of course, you could do something similar for some of
    the really nasty guild heads - el-Hadid and whatnot, using some movie
    crime lords' places and style, whether it's The Crow, any of the
    Batman films (although mainly the first two), or something similar.

    I've not seen The Relic, and I'll stand corrected
    if I'm wrong, but from what I hear that might be good for someone
    like The Basilisk.

    There's an absolutely ~appalingly~ bad film called Outback (I think)
    about, conveniently, a giant boar that rampages around the place at
    will - so, The Boar is taken care of. Although, it's set in the
    Outback (obviously) and not in a forest. But, you can't knock the
    sequence where some bloke is being chased, and you see the boar's
    head as it pursues him - and the two prop guys who are running along
    carrying the head. Cracking.

    There's a couple of films - The Medieval Dead (it has a title before
    that - it's a sequel) or perhaps the first Warlock film for The
    Magian, or the Ras Ghul bloke (can't remember his name).

    The Company of Wolves might be good for The Wolf (odd film though).

    Another option for the Gorgon, or someone similar, is the bad guy's
    lair in Legend. Although, you could ~really~ confuse your players
    with the Gorgon as the Devil in the Witches of Eastwick. Now THERE'S
    a scary thought! ;-)

    "Once I was a lamb, playing in a green field. Then
    the wolves came. Now I am an eagle and I fly in a
    different universe."
    "And now you kill the lambs," whispered Dardalion.
    "No, priest. No one pays for lambs."
    - David Gemmel, Waylander

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    Awnshegh domain moods

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    Awnshegh domain moods

    > I came up with a few: Maybe _Anaconda_ for the Serpent, and _The
    >Birds_ in the Harpy's domain. _Arachnaphobia_ would be pretty good, too,
    >now that I think of it, for the Spider. Anybody else have any ideas along
    >this line?
    >Daniel McSorley


    Dragonheart for a real intelligent dragon;
    Beginning of Bram Stoker's Dracula for the Vampire
    Legend (I think it is called) for Gorgon as well
    Braveheart for battles Anuire vs Rjurik
    Willow for several things
    Timebandits for the magician

    and so on...


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