Here is some info I created for Adurian Dragons. They are very similar
to Cerilian dragons, but a completely different species. There are more
of them that in Cerilia (about 100-120) but they are still an endangered

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There was one otherthing I wanted to talk about too that was about what
happened to the returning soldiers from Deismaar and why they were cast
out by the priest of Azari in the Adurian Empire. I didn't really
explain it fully in the reply I send ealier and then accidently deleted
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In the history of Aduria I have created it was the Adurian empire that
drove out the five tribes from Aduria. Thus at Deismaar only troops from
Aduria were present from the old empires. After the battle the few who
survived returned south to the empire. Now at the time Aduria was
virtually controled by the priests of Azari a n evil and paranoid bunch
of chaps. They spent a lot of their time preaching about how great Azari
was and how powerful he was and how weak all the other gods were. So
when the returning soldiers came back talking about the battle and how
they lost the priest were a little concerned about this, and thinking
that their power base was threatened if anyone ever found out that Azari
wasn't the all powerful god that they portrayed him as they decieded to
pack up all the returning soldiers and ship them off into the deserts
where they wouldn't cause any more trouble. There were however not that
many Adurian survivors from the battle (they did lose after all) and the
march south had killed off many more of them so the few that were left
were fairly easy to get rid of without anyone noticing they were gone.
The priests and the then emperor covered up the whole thing and the
histories in Aduria do not even mention anything about Deismaar or the
fact that troops were sent to fight there. The Priest of Azari then
continued to run society for many years secure in the knowledge that
there was nothing to challenge them and everyone was happy.
Now this wouldn't be the sort of actions that priests of any of the good
gods would do, but as most of the good gods were worshipped mainly by
the Five Tribes who now lived in Cerilia it isn't that important. For
the priests of Azari however it was just the sort of thing they would
do, being evil, paranoids, and generally all round bad guys. They have
calmed down a lot over the years however, especially without the evil
presence of Azari wispering in their ears. They are now more a really
powerful state religion, but more about that later.
Well everyone except the soldiers who were a little bit annoyed and also
blooded. The descendants of these soldiers later came back to haunt
Adurian in the form of the Skissshar Empire which rose out of the desert
several hundred years later.

Well that was a lot, anyway now on to the dragons (see below sig).

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and to the Darkness we will return.

Dragon, Adurian

Climate/Terrain: Deserts/Mountains
Frequency: Rare
Organization: Solitary
Activity Cycle: Any
Diet: Carnivore
Intelligence: Varies (Low - Genius)
Treasure: H, T, Y
Alignment: Any Good

No. Appearing: 1
Armour Class: 0 (base)
Movement: 15, Fly 35 (C)
Hit Dice: 15 (base)
THAC0: 6 (base)
No. of Attacks: 3+special
Damage/Attack: 1d12/1d12/2d10
Special Attacks: Breath weapon, magic use
Special Defences: See below
Magic Resistance: Variable
Size: G (42' base)
Morale: Fanatic (17-18)
XP Value: Variable

Description: The Adurian Dragon is related to its Cerilian cousin, and has
lived in these lands for many thousands of years. They are not native to
Aduria however, and are though to have migrated here from a land far across
the seas. Unlike the Cerilian Dragons young are occasionally born, although
the number grow smaller as each century passes. They are often hunted by
the Adurians and as a result have taken to living in the harshest areas on
the continent. They are most common in the Adurian Wastes, and the Great
Desert, although they can also be found in the Azure Peaks and other
mountain ranges.
In Aduria the dragon is looked on as a great prize and many people hunt
them as trophies, a very dangerous pursuit with a high casualty rate. Among
the nobles of Nehalim there is no greater trophy than a Dragon's head or
skull. This hunting has reduced the Adurian Dragon's numbers even further,
and they are almost never found in civilized areas now. Only a young and
foolish Dragon would ever live close to Humans, such Dragons tend not to
live long.
Like in Cerilia the Dragons are all members of the same species. They are
also similar in shape and size, although slightly larger once they grow
older. They are long, serpentine creatures with large leathery wings that
enable them to glide through the skies over great distances. All of the
body and limbs are covered with thick scales that give them an improved
armour class over their Cerilian relatives. Unlike the Cerilian Dragon the
belly of an Adurian Dragon is where the scales are thickest of all. This is
because they often live in the deserts and they need protection from the
sand particles as the slide over it. The scales on their bellies are
usually worn smooth by the time they reach adulthood and gleam brightly in
the sunlight. Adurian Dragons are usually a pale yellow to light brown in
colour, although other variations in coloration have been reported.
Adurian Dragons speak the same tongue as the Cerilians, and also have a 5%
per age category of knowing the human tongue of the land they dwell in, or
live closest too.

Combat: The Adurian Dragon does not often involve itself in combat,
preferring to use its breath weapon and magic first, before closing to kill
off any survivors. When they do close for melee combat they will use all
their abilities, and especially their powerful claws. The Adurian Dragon's
legs are longer than the Cerilian's and their claw larger and more
powerful. They can use these powerful weapons to great effect in battle,
and can rib through armour with ease. They have a smaller mouth though and
will rarely bit their opponents, unless it is absolutely necessary.
All Adurian Dragons radiate fear in a 40-yard radius. They do not have the
additional paralysing powers of the Cerilian Dragons however. Adorn Dragons
do gain the following power though at birth. They may create an illusion at
will, and their abilities grow more powerful with age. A young Dragon may
only be able to create a small illusion that will fool only a few people,
but a great wyrm's illusion is almost perfect in every way, it may even
feel real.
Like the Cerilian Dragons they are also powerful wizards, ranging from
5-12th levels. They are not however restricted to certain schools like the
Cerilians and may use any magic. They are especially skilled in the schools
of Illusion and Divination and anyone effect by a spell of these schools
cast by an Adurian Dragon has a -2 penalty to their saving throws.
An Adurian Dragon has two breath weapons. The first is a bolt of burning
energy that can burn through almost anything. The bolt is 5' wide and
affects and area 60' long. The second breath weapon is a cloud of
super-heated air that affects an area 50' long, 40' wide, and 30' high.
Both versions of the breath weapon may be used once every 6 melee rounds.

Habitat/Ecology: Adurian Dragons require a lot of food to survive and they
often make long hunting flights to eat. An Adurian Dragon is much lighter
than their Cerilian cousins and they can fly and glide over great distances
seeking food. Some even make it a point to raid the farms of those races
who hunt Dragons, making off with entire herds of goats and sheep. They
will not however attack Humans and other intelligent creature unless
attacked first themselves.
Because of this need for large amounts of food Adurian Dragons are usually
awake, and rarely ever sleep, although they occasionally rest by soaring up
to great heights and then gliding for several hours. Adurian Dragons have
been known to fly from one end of the continent to another without
stopping, although for some reason they almost never fly north towards
Cerilia. It may have something to do with the climatic differences. Adurian
Dragons prefer the hot deserts of inland Aduria, and will avoid cold
mountain peak if possible. They make their lairs in the ancient ruins that
dot these deserts and as a result those seeking to loot the ruins may find
themselves up against a powerful Dragon. They will usually gather together
all the lost treasures of the ruins for their lairs as well and then cast
multi-layered illusions to protect their homes when they are away.
Guardians such as Wyverns and other creatures are also common.
The Adurian Dragon is a solitary creature, but they occasionally gather in
groups, usually to choose mates, discuss the weather, and talk about their
last meal. Unlike other Dragon species the Cerilian Dragon takes many years
to develop a high intelligence but over the centuries learn much. They tend
not to collect lore and tales like the Cerilian Dragons however as much of
their lives is spent fighting for survival. Only the oldest and most
powerful of the Adurian Dragons who have lived for many centuries will have
stores of knowledge and wisdom. They do not tend to pass this on to anyone
however, and will not share their knowledge with Humans unless a lot of
food or gold is handed over first.
In some empires like Nehalim and Ghanim Dragons are valuable creatures. A
Dragon's corpse can fetch as much as 100,000 gold, usually paid by nobles
who don't want to risk their lives searching for a trophy. Other lands also
pay for Dragon parts. In the Adurian empire the hide of a Dragon is prized
for is magical properties and the armour and clothing it can be made into.
Most Dragons however want to hold onto their hides and will not part with
them no matter how much money is offered. Those that do die are usually
wounded or sick and can not fight as well as normal.

Age Body Lgt. (') Tail Lgt. (') AC Breath Weapon Int MR XP Value
1 3-9 2-7 3 2d6+2 4 Nil 8,000
2 9-20 7-16 2 3d6+3 6 Nil 9,000
3 20-31 16-25 1 4d6+4 8 Nil 11,000
4 31-50 25-34 0 5d6+5 10 5% 13,000
5 50-69 34-43 -1 6d6+6 11 10% 15,000
6 69-88 43-52 -2 8d6+8 12 15% 18,000
7 88-97 52-61 -3 10d6+10 13 20% 19,000
8 97-106 61-70 -4 12d6+12 14 30% 20,000
9 106-115 70-79 -5 14d6+14 15 35% 22,000
10 115-133 79-90 -6 16d6+16 16 40% 24,000
11 133-152 90-106 -7 18d6+18 17 45% 26,000
12 152-179 106-134 -8 20d6+20 18 50% 28,000

Note: The Adurian Dragons are also modified by the values listed in the
table on page 64 of the Monster Manual. These are values common to all
Dragons. They gain spells equal to a wizard of their current level, and
even young Dragons can be powerful wizards.

By Ian Hoskins