York is in fact Iron age in origin and was initially esabelished as a
village by the tribes in the area. The town itself was laid out by the
Romans and the walls still follow the original Roman layout (the
foundations are visible in the Northern part of the town). The town was
called Eberacum until the ninth century until it was razed by the
Vikings and renamed Yorvik

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> >->The majority of the original English and Welsh towns that were
> >->present at the time of the Norman invasion (1066 AD) such as York,
> >->London, Winchester, Chester, Cardiff, Cirencester and colchester
> are
> >->Roman in origin. Also many of the initial Norman castles of any
> >->strength, were actually built buy the Romans (Saxon Shore Forts).
> >
> >Isn't York of Norse origin?? If I don't remeber it wrong it had from
> the
> >begining a norse name.
> >
> YUP! York was founded by the Vikings and was originally named Jorvik.
> The
> norsemen founded several settlements on the British Isles, many of
> them have
> since been 'renamed', or 'anglofiled'.
> Daniel
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