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From: Gabriel Power
To: birthright@MPGN.COM
Date: Thursday, November 20, 1997 1:29 PM
Subject: [BIRTHRIGHT] - Birthright Gorgon PC game comments?

Hi all,

I saw that there was this Birthright PC game (Gorgon something)
in stores lately, designed by Sierra. Has anyone tried it?
If this has been discussed extensively in older days, I'd be glad
to be directed to a site where I can read those comments.

Otherwise, I'd like to know if it's good and if it's worth it.
(Not just because it's Birthright; I'm a very demanding PC gamer,
since I don't have a lot of free time, the games must be easy to
learn and quick to play. :) )

Why don't you try the demo? It should be available for download for
a number of places.. I found it enjoyable, but not interesting enough
to purchase..