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>I don't want to make this an advertisement, if that's against the


I just wanted to address a couple of points. First, placing any kind of
"ad" is fine, as long as it is relevant to BR. So it is alright to Post
info. on companies selling BR material, but *please* do this only once. If
someone asks for the info. to be repeated send it to them via *private*
e-mail, and not to the List. We do not want to become a forum for vendors
to sell their goods.

My second point has nothing to do with the above Post. It is a subject all
it's own, but I decided to include it with this Post, and that is
*quoting*. We have covered this one a few times, but I feel it is time to
do so once again. When quoting another Post please only quote the text you
will be responding to, *not* the entire Post. If your going to respond to
an entire Post's contents be sure to "snip" away a majority of the original
Post, and only leave enough so we know what Post you are responding to. If
you need to respond to specific text from parts of a lengthy Post feel free
to quote those lines, but again please try to "snip" away as much excess as
you can. There are a couple of reasons for this: 1) As we are all members
of the List we can assume that everyone else has read the original Post,
and there is no need for it to be reposted for us. We only need to know
what you are responding to. 2) The ever precious bandwidth, longer Posts
take more time for Majordomo to process, and a backup of mail can create
havoc for the poor little program. Lean Posts are easier to handle and they
speed up the overall efficiency of the List(ie. Posts get distributed faster).

Thank you for your time.

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