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>I have a question about the cover art on the Book of Priestcraft. It is
pretty obvious that we are witnessing a battlefield investiture. The
battle standard held by the female has a cresent moon with a bird on it.
Is this flag the flag of the realm which the depicted characters are in, or
is this supposed to be the standard of the church?

I'd have to ask the artist. I'm guessing, however, this is a particular
church of Ruornil. The crescent moon on red (instead of blue) and the bird
make me think it's probably an eastern Anuirean temple (not to mention
their outfits). I expect it is the standard of the church.

>I ask because if the standard is for the church, it would appear that by
the markings it is a church of Rournil. However, the priest performing the
ceremony is most obviously wearing chain armor, which is restricted to
priests of Rournil. I hate to be a rules lawyer, but enquiring minds want
to know.

As far as the "chain armor" goes, it's possible we screwed up, or, perhaps,
that isn't armor at all. It looks like armor to me, but I've been told
wearing parts of armor does not mean you get an AC adjustment or any
penalty. Keep in mind, though, that just because the standard may be from a
church of Ruornil doesn't mean the priest himself is. I can think of
several easy explanations for why someone would be fighting under the
church of Ruornil's flag who didn't actually belong to the church--even a
priest of another god.

The big thing that makes me think that is the woman holding the standard.
She has, if I may say, a less than reverant expression on her face. In
fact, it could be interpreted that she's tilting the standard in there to
"remind" the upcoming regent who's really important here--the first thing
he sees after the ceremony might be the flag. Maybe she's a follower of
Ruornil who, while she approves of the bloodline being passed, isn't so
happy about a priest other than a priest of Ruornil performing the ceremony.

Or, maybe I'm making too much out of a little thing ...

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