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    Q: Lycanthrop as regent

    Hi folks

    In my campain the PC regent owning the law holdings along with the
    provinces is a lycanthrop. The character became a weretiger quite a
    couple of years back but until now he was able to supress his "second
    nature". As a result of confronting a low-level magician whielding great
    power without control the lycanthropic effects broke through again.
    Now he suffers from this disease without possibilities to prevent
    transforming (Oh boy, I like it when I'm that cute).

    Here is my request for all the DMs out there:

    Would you send me possible adventure hooks, plots, events, situations and
    considerations about a lycanthrop being regent (positive or negative for

    I already thought of a couple of things myself, but others sure have
    better ideas.

    Manymanymanymany thanxx in advance,



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    Q: Lycanthrop as regent

    At 12:38 PM 11/17/97 +0200, Manni(

    >Would you send me possible adventure hooks, plots, events, situations and
    >considerations about a lycanthrop being regent (positive or negative for

    I'm sure you thought of this, but just in case, don't forget the old
    legends about how Werewolves hunted down those they had the strongest
    feelings for while in Human form. It starts off with those they hate at
    first, but as they grow thin the beast turns on those the Human side loves
    instead. Also what would happen if the Blooded Lycanthrope developed a
    taste for divine meat. That is he starts to hunt others who are Blooded as
    well. It won't take long before the Regent finds himself the subject of a
    few royal hunts, and the target of quite a few adventures.

    Sepsis, (ICQ:3777956)

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