Just a word to tell that the BoP is available in Montreal. I bought it
today from a store name =ABLe Valet de Coeur=BB. For the other Canadian folk=
out there, don't despair, it should be in a store near you pretty soon.

As for the book itself, it seems like a nice piece of work. I don't have
the time to read it now -- for me it's more a "buy the book and encourage
the Birthrigh setting now, use the book later" type of thing.

I also got a copy of the Dragon 241 and I have a question for Ed about the
survey. If I make photocopies of the thing and give it to those who are
playing AD&D with me, will the copies be accepted (compiled) by TSR? If it
is acceptable, I think everybody should make that survey available to their
players bodies. That way the Birthright setting may have a lot of support=

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