James Ruhland wrote:

> ancient kingdoms and ancient powers. I don't think a couple "superpower"
> individuals is too much for this continent to have; remember, Cerilia has

No-one has even seen my other "Superpower" yet. I wonder what everyone
will think of him/her/it. Perhaps I should write up the info and send it
in to see what everyone thinks. But this being does rule the most
ancient of the empires, and has done so for a long, long time so he
deserves to be fairly powerful (and yes, another wizard).

> IMO, if I were DMing, I'd use the Silver Princess not just as a foil vs.
> the evil empires of Aduria, but also as someone who protects the "distinct
> societies" of that continent from too much incroachment by Cerilian scions,
> with their bloodline advantages.

Well she looks after her distincy society anyway. The main thing I think
that would keep Cerilain Scions as bay is size of Aduira's population.
Cerilia was settlered by the survivors of the five tribes who fled north
to escape the Adurians, and then there was the war of the Shadow which
killed off even more. During this time the old Adurian Empire's
continued to grow in population so now they are very heavily populated.
If anyone read the description I posted for Halwan it has a population
of nearly 2 million, which is quite a few for just three provines. This
is by no means common in Aduria, but there are several large cities or
provinces whose population might be more than all of Anuire, well nearly
anyway. After all these were the guys who caused five entire races to
flee so they would have to be fairly large in size.

Just one other question I would like everyone's opinion on before I
continue with my empires.

What does everyone think of a specific spelljamming race living in
Aduria (one that had a little trouble with their homeworld, and blew it
up). I have a great kingdom that I create a few years back and may use
it again somewhere in southern Aduria, or I may not. I havn't decided
yet and if everyone is thinks it is a bad idea I may drop it.

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