> So, if you want something close to actual history, you should have one
> different language for every important town, several unpalatable dialects
> the countryside, and a "common" tongue of the elite deriving from an
> root.
> Horten the mage
here here; you explained it exactly right, and in half (make that a third)
the words I used and didn't 'splane it well with.

"All this talk about Priests and their spells raised a question. Do *all*
Priests get the ability to cast spells?"

No; I think somewhere in the rulebook it mentions this. There are a lot of
non-spellcasting priests (some are fighters, etc, many if not most are just
"normal" unclassed humans [they have NO class...]); only a few of the
prelates of any temple should be spellcasters. And they aren't all just
acolytes-in-training, learning how to cast spells. Only the select few go
that route, the rest devoting their talents to other things.

Spud I; Spudman?