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Here is a Erhshegh created as the ruler of one of my Adurian realms.

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Ian Hoskins

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>From the Darkness we came,
and to the Darkness we will return.
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Halwa, The Silver Princess

27th-level Erhshegh Wizard

Str: 15
Dex: 17
Con: 15
Int: 21
Wis: 19
Cha: 20

AC: -5 #AT: 1 + magic
HP: 106 Dmg: 1d4
MV: 12 MR: 100%

Bloodline: Vorynn, True, 94
Blood Abilities: Bloodtrait, Long Life, Invulnerability, Major Resistance
(Magic), Divine Aura (Major), Alter Appearance, Enhance Sense (Minor)

Weapon Pro: Dagger, Dart, Staff.
Non-Weapon Pro: Read/Write (Nehalim), Read/Write (Adurian), Read/Write
(Anuirean), Astrology, Spellcraft, Engineering, Local History (Northern
Halwan), Ancient History (Eastern Aduria), Diplomacy, Administration, Law,
Leadership, Navigation.

Equipment: Halwa dresses usually in pale green robes of protection with few
adornments. She wears a jewelled non-magical dagger, and will never carry
magical items, although her guards may do so.

Spells: All from players handbook, plus battle and realm spells. She has
learned much during her long life and may have developed many powerful
spells of her own. She also has the ability to cast addition spells using a
power granted by her Erhshegh status (see below).

Description/History: Halwa is Erhshegh ruler of the small nation of Halwan,
named in her honour. Long ago she served in the Adurian army as a magician
and was part of the force sent to Deismaar from Aduria. She was close to
the God Vorynn during the destruction and absorbed much of his essence.
Much of what she did in the years after Deismaar is unknown, and the next
sighting of her was 300 years later as she led a small army to overthrow
the Nehalim government in the small coastal land of Justeria, which is now
known as Halwan. By then her transformation to an Erhshegh was already
complete and she used her powers to take control of her new kingdom.
Ever since the small kingdom has been under her rule, despite many efforts
by the Empire of Nehalim to retake their lost lands. In recent years there
has been peace between the two realms as Nehalim has realised that trading
with Halwan is better than fighting.
Halwa's skin had appears to be made of a silvery metal, although is feels,
and moves similar to smooth Human skin. Her hair varies in colour, as she
often dyes it depending on her moods. Her eyes are perhaps the most
striking part of her body as they glow brightly with magical energy, a
vivid icy blue colour. Her body is a thing of magic and as such she is
immune to its harmful effects. Any spell cast directly at her fails, and
the magical energy is absorbed. Even area effect spells may be negated if
cast in her direction. This absorbed energy is used by her to cast addition
spells if needed. For every spell level of magic absorbed (to a maximum of
50) can be used to power spells, using one absorbed level for each level of
the required spell. This immunity to magic also extends to magical items
and she is able to drain charged items of their magic. Permanent items do
not function in her hands. As a result she has few magical items,
preferring to instead pass any she comes across on to her lieutenants and
The Silver Princess has ruled Halwan for over a thousand years and is
treated by many of the people of the land as a goddess, although the
official religion is the worship of Vorynn (or Ruornil). She is loved by
her people for the wealth and protection she has bought the land and most
would gladly die for her is needed.

By Ian Hoskins

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