On Mon, 10 Nov 1997 Horten77@aol.com wrote:
> I do not play birthright right now, but I thought about this solution for
> starting a campaign:
> The main regent is not yet crowned. He does not know he is the heir, and he
> is not yet on the throne. He might be studying religion in a distant
> monastery. Then he learns the truth from his mentor and learns also that the
> former regent has been assassinated. The other PCs are bodyguards or other
> regents who want him on the throne to block the plans of the BAD guys. They
> must figure out how to get to the capital and have the investiture ceremony
> completed without the regent being murdered. Then you can feed them the info
> in the domain sourcebook...

Another classic solution is where one of the players is heir to a
throne, and when he reaches his age of majority (18) he'll become Regent
(in the birthright sense). However the evil uncle/ grand-vizier/ mother
who's been running the country for him while he's been too young may
have other ideas....