James Ruhland wrote:

> > The First crusade (and it was only the First Crusade that was in any
> > way successful) was a mass movement.
> >
> > The whole thing was a result of several factors
> >
> you forgot the agressions of the Seljuks, without which the Crusades li=
> would not have been called for in the first place (the Christian kingdo=
> had no problem, for the most part, with Arab control of the holy land; =
> the late 11th century no one thought of it much, but it was the rapine =
> the Turks that precipitated the rapine of the crusades.) But their is n=
> reason that a Heroic game needs to duplicate the indignities of real
> history.

Lets take a look at this from a hindsight point of view. The Crusades we=
terrible wars, that's true. But look at all the good coming from the Cru=
cotton, pepper, cimamon (sp?), ginger, silk. If it weren't for those stu=
Crusades, then the Europeans would not have such a major change in world =
and they have new avenues of trade. Besides that, the Age of Expansion (=
Chistopher Columbus) could not have happened. Or the Reformation. We'd =
all be
Catholic now if it wasn't for the Crusades.

> On Mon, 10 Nov 1997, FRANKEN*RC wrote:
> > hmm as far as i know the maps of Cerelia ALL provinces are held by a
> > regent.
> "The Tarvan Waste (in Khinasi) is unheld. Neither the Uighers or the
> Stone Axes rule the provinces. I've not read any of the Northern
> supplements - my budget's been too strained." -Neil
> That's true; and in the north, the Giantdowns are open for a land grab
> (their's even a module/accessory for you to run a campaign to become re=
> of this area), and Ed said their would be a couple places in the Vos re=
> like this, too.
> "just 1 question?
> Why don't the sahuagin rule the world already with those stats???"
> Perhaps because their isn't a lot of them? Take an extreme example:
> Dragons. with their "stats" they could rule the world if they wanted, t=
> eh? Oh, but wait; theirs only a couple dozen or so, max, in all of Ceri=
> So while they're more than a match for hordes of pesants, and probably =
> individual lords and fighters, they hole up in caves in fear of groups =
> skilled adventurers, who as a organized force can match them. Perhaps t=
> are only a few "cities" of Sahuagin (a few thousand in number), and
> scattered settlements. Perhaps, if you want to have a campaign organize=
> around this, they've been building up their numbers after a great catyc=
> at sea, and are now ready to strike at the land realms?

I wonder if the Sahaugin would have been the Shojo Demons in Kara-Tur?

=97 Elton Robb
"Your Generously Liberal DM."