School= Illusion Minimum Caster Level= 5 Required Source= 2 Regency=
5RP/province Gold= 2 GB/province Duration= 1 month/caster level
This spell allows a Sidhelien wizard to mask any elven settlements
in a province with a powerful illusion. Once it is cast, any elven
dwellings or structures in the province appear to simply be a natural
part of the forest to non-elves who were not in the area at the time the
spell was cast. If an outsider observes any Sidhelien going about their
daily routines, it appears to them as if the elves are simply wandering
a stretch of forest in which no settlement exists. The caster can
affect 1 province for every 3 levels he/she has, provided the additional
RP and GB are expended.

School= Enchantment Minimum Caster Level= 7 Required Source= 5
Regency= 5RP/unit Gold= 2GB/unit Duration= 1 week/level
This powerful realm spell allows a Sidhelien wizard to awaken the
flora and fauna of a particular forest province. Once awakened, the
plants, animals, and faerie creatures of the forest will join with the
elves in defending the province from intruders. Trees will uproot
themselves and march into battle alongside creatures as small as insects
of as powerful as unicorns or treants. 1 "unit" of forest defenders can
be awakened for every 3 levels the caster has. Thus, a 9th level wizard
could awaken 3 units in a province, a 12th level caster could awaken 4
units, etc... Once awakened, the forest defenders can only act to
battle invaders in the province they were awakened in. A forest unit
will not travel into even an adjacent province, meaning this spell can
typically only be used for defensive purposes.
An awakened forest unit has the following war card statistics:
Move=1; Defense= 7; Morale= pennant, shield, and sword; Melee=7;
Missile=3 (note: the Missile value of an awakened forest unit represents
birds, swarming insects, and the ever-present plants of an elven
province that attack foes at every turn, not missiles in the traditional
sense). After taking 1 hit, the Melee value drops to 5. After 2 hits,
the Melee value drops to 3 and the Missile value drops to 2. After 3
hits, the Melee value drops to 1 and the Missile value drops to 1.
Awakened forest units ignore Fallback and Rout results unless they are
caused by magic.
Sidhelien wizards will cast awaken forest in only the most dire
circumstances. They are pained by the thought of awakening their
beloved forest and placing in in harm's way, and will do so only as a
last resort. To simulate the damage done if an awakened forest unit is
destroyed in combat, the Source potential of the province is reduced by
1. 5 years of regrowth are required before the destruction is healed
and the Source potential returns to its previous level. The casting
wizard can prevent this loss of Source level by mentally willing that an
awakened forest unit disband prior to its destruction. As a result, a
Sidhelien wizard will almost always be physically present at any battle
a unit is engaged in to ensure it is not utterly destroyed.
This spell must be powered by an actual Source holding in the
province in which it is cast. Mebhaighl cannot be channeled via a ley
line or boosted through magical means to power this spell.