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>A while back, some one sent out a list of percent chance for someone to be
>a particular race other than human in the Birthright setting. I believe this
>was in response to the fact that everyone in that group wanted to be a elvin
>fighter/mage. If I remember correctly, if you rolled the percentage or lower
>then you could be your selected race, otherwise you defaulted to human. This
>makes perfect sense to me, however I have managed to lose the email with the
>percentages on it. If someone would be kind enough to post it again, maybe
>some justifications for the percentages, I would be greatly appreciative.

Heres the chart. All Players have the choice of being Human, or *one* other
Race from the list. This should be chosen after they've generated their
ability scores. After picking the other (non-Human) Race the PC rolls a
percentage. If they roll under the required number they may be that Race,
if not they must be Human (any of the 5 sub-Races).

Human (any race): AUTO (and also the default)
Dwarf: 50%
Elf: 35%
Half-elf: 50%
Halfling: 60%
Goblin: 30% (If you use humanoids, these guys have a hard time adventuring
in predominantly human-centric Cerilia)
Orog: 5% (More so)

BTW, this chart was Ed's brainchild...not mine. So he gets all the, credit. :-)

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