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>Sepsis, this spell is based on a similar spell that is 50th level (you heard
>right! 50th level!) in potency. According to how I envision the spell, it
>take heavy duty role-playing to even get it started! But as a Domain Action?
>Isn't that where you declare an action and the GM says "yea or nea?"

Not really, with a DA the Regent attempts to do something, and other
Regents may or mat not contest the Action by putting out RPs or GBs or
both. Multiple sides may continue to "bid" with RPs, or GBs, until everyone
is satisfied, then the DM will roll to see if the Action is successful.
Realm Spells allow the Regent to perform a feat and the DM just says, "O.K.
this is what happened..." When applied to a Crusade, the DA seems more
appropriate, at least IMO.

>The Spell was designed with roleplaying in mind. It was also created with
>fantasy in mind. However, the Spell just gets you started, Maintaining the
>Crusade would be a major Domain Action ("Summons" is the keyword here). I
>include rules for a major Domain Action for maintaining the Crusade that was
>called. And since the Church called it, it would be involved in paying
for the
>expenses of it's Church Army. The rest, raising crusader armies, recruiting
>major armies, blah blah is also maintained as a Domain Action. The Crusade
>spell just summons the first enthusaistic crusaders. Of course, I could say
>the spell can be cast only once per Crusade (that means that you can't summon
>anymore enthusiastic fighters, rangers, or paladins during the crusade). Of
>course you need the heavy duty role-playing to back the Crusade up and to see
>it through to the end.

Now the combination spell and DA would work better for me. As well as the
1/per Crusade limit on the spell, but the spell still has a few holes to
fix(you may already be addressing these, so forgive if I'm being
repetitious). Like where do all these Fighters(and especially Paladins)come
from? Do they just appear, or must they already exist within a Province(s).
What is the spells duration? What happens to the summoned ones after the
spell expires? Instead of individual people, shouldn't the spell involve
Units? Since I suppose the Crusade will be fought as a war, not as a
Dungeon. Do those summoned by the spell require upkeep? I also have the
same questions as a few others concerning the Regents summoned(do they get
a choice?, are they compensated?, etc.), and the alignment miscibility(how
does alignment affect who and what can be summoned?, how does alignment
affect the Crusades structure?, etc.). I'm sure you are already hard at
work concerning many of these points, and I look forward to seeing your
revised work once your done.

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