On Fri, 7 Nov 1997, Sepsis wrote:

> I like the idea of bringing Crusades into BR, but I'm not sure about using
> a Realm Spell for it. Your idea would probably work better if it was
> rewritten as a unique Priest Domain Action. It almost sounds more like a DA
> then a Realm Spell as is, so it would take little work. Although I must say
> I will leave the formation of a Crusade in the realm of role-playing. A
> Crusade is a major undertaking involving far more then just gathering folks
> to go fighting, and if my PCs want to attempt to form such a thing they
> will have to do all the leg work. They won't be able to rely on a few
> simple die rolls to do the work for them. Still a "Form Crusade" Action may
> be of some use, depending on what it ends up doing for the character. I
> don't know why, but as it is written it doesn't seem right. Oh well, that's
> my 2GBs.

Perhaps something like a "Call to Arms" realm spell for priests that gives
them a hefty bonus in their Diplomacy actions to incite other regents to
follow their call, and reduces the maintenance cost of any units that Do
decide to follow the call. It may even be able to "Subvert" (as per the
domain spell) a number of units from any regents who refuse to join the
Crusade. Such a spell would still require some role-play (even though the
characters are "blessed" by their spell and more likely to succeed) and
yet be dangerous enough to bring fear to the hearts of regents everywhere.
It would still have to be a pretty high level spell, though.

Mark VanderMeulen