I was just sitting and eathing my breakfast infornt my tele when I thought
poped up in my small brain. Everytime a creature has been described in quite
dark environment and it has infravision, it has been written that the eyes
glows red, why?
You will never notice if someone sees infrared or not, the eyes glows only if
the eye is constructed like the cat eye (cat's don't see infrared, but they do
have night vision). Another thing which is wrongly described, is when a
creature with infravision looks at one without, they will notice that the eyes
are "colder" than for the infrared seeing creatures, but this is also wrong as
seeing ifrared will not do that the eyes would become warmer or send out
light, so it's really not possible for a infrared seeing creature to see if
another can see infrared by looking at the eyes.
Have you ever thought about that? I have to admit that it's "cooler" when the
infravision is described as a creature with reflecting eyes as the cat has.

//Trizt of Ward^RITE