A number of days ago, there was some interest in me posting the heirarchy
of nobility that I developed for Osoerde following the "one count per
province, one Baron per province level" general rule which was discussed.
That has all passed over now, but I told some people that I would post
this, so here it is. Note that although these are considered nobility, and
that some of them are even blooded, they are not regents. None of them
actually have connections of regency to the land they govern: Jaison
Raenech controls the provinces, and most of the law, and what law he
doesn't control the outlaw William Moergen does control. Rather, these are
the everyday members of the court of Osoerde, who each control one or more
"Manors," which roughly corresponds to a large farm and the people to work
it. These are the people whom the PC's, particularly at lower levels, are
more likely to meet and interact with. I will include Birthright-style
stats where I have had opportunity to come up with them (i.e. those my
players have met). As they are intended to be allies, enemies, or foils
for characters, almost all of them are greater than zero-level. This
represents the fact that one of the vassal's duties to his overlord is to
fight in his army. Thus most nobles have at least some battlefield
experience, if nothing else.

Jaison Raenech, as Duke of Osoerde (rightly or no), holds this county as
his personal fief, and so the county has no count. Instead, Raenech
delegates his authority to four Barons. Raenech himself holds a group of 5
Manors called the Duke's Estate near the center of the county, about a
half a day's ride from the Duchy's capital, the city Moriel. Raenech often
chooses to retreat to his country home to rest and hunt, or to entertain
guests at Osoer Hall, the great Manor House on the grounds.
The first of Raenech's Barons in Moriel is Trevan Uriele, Baron of
Munceford (MA,F5;unblooded,LE). From his ancestral home of Munceford
Manor, Trevan oversees an estate of 4 manors. He is in turn lord to three
vassals. First is Baronet Elamien Cariele (MA;F3;Ma,tainted;6;LN) whose
Oakpond Hall sits on a demesne of 3 manors. His other vassals are Baronet
Shaemes Anuvier (2 manors) and Baronet Darien Moegara (2 manors).
The second Baron of Moriel County is Riegon Moriel, Baron of
Moriel Downs (MA;F4;Vo,tainted,8;LN). At one time, the Moriel Family were
the regents of the province that bears their name, but they have long
since lost their independence to the Dukes of Osoerde. From Lark's Nest
Hall, Riegon now oversees 4 manors, and has three vassals. One is his
brother, Baronet Aelvin Moriel (MA;T3;Vo,tainted,8;CN), who rules three
manors from Elmshade Manor. The other two are Baronet Randal Lanalier (3
manors), and Baronessa Maeve Terrem (2 manors).
The third of Raenech's Barons in Moriel is the Duke's own right
hand man, Baron Terence Gryphon (MA;F7;unblooded;LE) who proved his worth
to Raenech during the usurpation. In reward, Raenech enobled him and gave
him 5 manors which he had taken from those nobles foolish enough to
outwardly support William Moergen's claim to the throne in court. This
included the magnificent Galtrie Hall, which formerly belonged to the
Galtrie family, the last of whose head recently fell to Raenech's
executioner. The new Baron has taken to calling his new home "Gryphon
Hall" but many still refer to it by its former name, when the Baron is not
around to hear them.
The last Baron of Moriel is Eldried Moriel, Baron of Stonybrook
(MA;T1;Vo,tainted,8;CG) and cousin to Riegon and Aelvin Moriel. His
Stonybrook Hall oversees three manors, and his vasal, Baronet Moeren Elama
has another two. Unbeknownst to Raenech, Eldried is secretly a partisan of
the fugitive William Moergen, and often shelters him when he is in the
county. He does what he can for William, but that comes down to keeping
him apprised of all the news in the capital. There is little else Eldried
can do without jepardising his position.

County Brothendar is the ancestral county of the Raenech family, and when
Jaison took over the Duke's throne, he left his sister, Seriena, as
Countess of Brothendar (FA;M5;Br,major,32;LE). See oversees her 5 manors
from ancestral Raenech Hall, and her two half-brothers as vassals. The
eldest, Baronet Oervel Raenech (MA;F4;Br,minor,20;NE) controls three
manors, while the younger, Vaesil Raenech (MA;T3;Br;minor,19;LE) controls
two more.
There are three Barons under Seriena Raenech, one is also her
cousin. The Baron of Hillsedge, Gavin Raenech (MA;F5;Br,major,28;LE)
controls three manors in the hill country of western Brothendar. He has
two vassals, one is another cousin, Stiele Raenech
(MA;F3;Br,tainted,10;LN) who rules 2 manors from Blackore Manor. The
other is the Prior of Clovenshield Monastery, a monastery of Cuiraecen.
The Prior, Colin Brightblade (MA;P6;Br,minor,18;CN), is also related to
the Raenech family, and Gavin and Colin are fast friends and constant
The second Baron is Colier Brothen, Baron of Brothen
(MA;F1;An,minor,21;LN). He oversees five manors from Brothen Hall, and has
two vassals. Baronet Carel Brothen (MA;F6;An,minor,21;CN) is uncle to
Colier, and a mentor to his younger nephew. He rules two manors. The
second vassal is Baronet Droene Terem (MA;F4;unblooded;NE), who is rather
unhappy to be vassaled to such a young lord, and may be seeking to break
his ties of vassalage in favor of one of the Raenechs.
The third Baron of Brothendar is Aeric Pelien, Baron of Ashfall
(MA;T5;unblooded;N). He controls a demesne of 4 manors, and also the town
which bears the same name (Ashfall). It is a secret known only to a few
that he is also the head of the thieves guild in Ashfall town. His vassal
is Baronet Ruormad Terem, who controls 2 manors.

Her control of the town of Gulfport, as well as Almondier Manor, makes
Halie Almondier, Countess of Gulfport, (FA;T7;Ma,minor,21,CN) one of the
most powerful women in Osoerde. Almondier Manor (5 manors) is famous for
including the only orchard outside of Khinasi lands capable of growing
Almond trees, making her fairly wealthy as well. She has been carefully
keeping guilds out of her province until she finds the "right partner."
The town of Gulfport is controlled directly by the countess, and if they
dislike not being allowed to elect their own mayors and councilmen like
other towns, they have not found the Countess' rule too onerous. Neither
does Baronet Dietric Caeren or Baronet Gavin Tindier, her direct vassals,
who controls two manors and one manor, respectively.
Midway between Gulfport and the city of Moriel lies the Barony of
Grace Lake, whose Baron, Tannen Bronwyn (MA;F3;Br,tainted,7,NG) controls
his 4 manors and oversees the town of Grace Lake. His vassals include his
cousin Baronet Roenal Bronwyn (MA;F2;tainted,5,N) who has an estate of 2
manors, and Baronet Ansen Rieghoer, who also controls 2 manors.
The Baron of Moegara, Caelan Moegara (MA;F5;unblooded;CN) rules
the 4 manors of Moegara Manor. He has three vassals, and also recieves the
vassalage of the Prior of the Monastery of the Thunderer, another
Monastery of Cuireacen. His vassals include his brother, Baronet Vaesil
Moegara, to whom he gave over control of his most distant manor, mostly,
according to local gossips, to get away from his brother's wife. His other
vassals are Temias Nesirien, who controls 2 manors, and his former
bodyguard, Arlen Pikeman, who was elevated to the nobility after he saved
his lord's life on the battlefield. He controls 1 manor.
The final Baron of Gulfport County is Daene Taurele
(MA;F6;Ba,tainted,11;LG), who oversees the operations of the 3 manors of
Myrtlewood Hall. His vassal is Baronet Ruvic Nichalier.

The Count of Algael is Gavin Algael (MA;F3;Re,tainted,8;LG), whose demesne
includes 3 manors, the town of Calbridge on the Calrie River, and the
Monastery of Heart's Honor, a monastery of Haelyn. The Count has one
direct vasal, the Baronet Moerel Valmet, who has 2 manors.
There are two Barons in County Algael, the first of whom is the
Baron of Rivermarsh, one Landen Jariet, who controls three manors from his
Rivermarsh Hall. His vassals are Baronet Caern Taurele
(MA;F3;Ba,tainted,7;LG) with two manors, and Baronet Aeric Thoralinar
(MA;F2;Ba,tainted,4;LN) who has one manor.
The other Baron is Caelan Haniere, Baron of Greenreach, who has 3
manors. His vassals are Baronessa Lauriel Bireon and Baronet Robaere
Caliele, both of which have 2 manors.

The Count of Ghalliere is Noelon Ansien (MA;F6;Re,minor,14;LG). He has a
personal estate of 5 manors, and recieves the vassalage of the Monastery
of St. Naelyn, dedicated to Haelyn's service. He also bears the direct
vassalage of Baronet Moerel Danoer, who has 1 manor.
His Barons include Aubrae Ghallie (FA;B3;Re,minor,17;CG), now
Baroness of Brightwater. She is the daughter of the former Count of
Ghalliere, but upon his death, Raenech passed the County to her older and
more experienced cousin (Ansien) instead of allowing her to inherit it for
her children, as more commonly occurs in such cases. Brightwater Hall
oversees three estates as well as the town of Brightwater on the Lake of
the same name. One of her father's vassals, Baronet Daeric Lamier
(MA;F4;Br,tainted,2;NG) kept his vassalage to his liege's daughter, rather
than switch to the new Count, even though this actually lowered his
position in the pecking order of the nobility.
The other of Ghalliere's Barons is Oeren Valmier, Baron of
Northguard. Rumors say that Raenech is starting to build a new castle on
land donated by Valmier, to guard the northern boarders of Osoerde, or to
serve as a supply post for an invasion of Elinie. Valmier's Falcon's Claw
Manor oversees his 4 manors, and serves as a meeting place for his two
vassals: Baronet Halmied Balter (2 manors) and Baronet Colier Tornil (1

Being the Ancestral Home of the Moergen Family, it is no wonder that
Raenech demoted the ruler of the province to the title of "Viscount," an
old Imperial title that had since fallen into disuse. Further, he promoted
a distaff member of the Moergen Family, the despised Daene Moergen, to be
the new Viscout of Moergen (MA;T4;An,minor,18;LE). Needless to say, this
has not made him very popular with the other members of the Moergen
Family, who still retain their Baronies. Of course, they know that they
will retain them only until it can be proved that they are giving aid and
succor to the outlaw William Moergen. The Viscount's new estate
encompasses three manors and the village of Swampsedge. He gave his old
Baronecty to his good friend, the new Baronet Pierden Tindier.
Baron Parniel Moergen (MA;F6;An,major,31;NG), who is William's
cousin, retains the family's ancestral home of Moergen Hall. The nearby
Moergentown owes its allegiance to the Baron, who also controls 4 manors
in the area. His and William's two cousins (from different uncles) Vasco
Moergen (MA;F4;An,minor,20;NG) and Onwen Moergen (MA;F2;An,minor,23;CG)
are both vassals of Parniel, and rule two manors each.
The other Barony in Moergen is that of the Baron of Fellwood,
Trevan Ghonal (MA;F3;Ma,tainted,11;LG). He controls an estate of 4 manors.
He and his vassal, the Baronet Boeric Caligiere, who has 2 manors of his
own, are charged with keeping control of the brooding Fellwood, from which
undead periodically ravage the local countryside on moonless nights.

The last two provinces are not peopled enough to merit a count, and
instead are considered Baronies. Although they encompass about the same
geographical space, the inhabitants are few and far between. Because these
provinces are largely swampy, land dry enough to be useful for farming or
raising livestock is comparatively rare. Thus, many of the people who live
in these provinces are not directly connected to the heirarchical system
of nobles that exist in the other provinces. Many people here live in
isolated homesteads or tiny fishing villages, and have never swore
vassalage to anyone. They still feel themselves to be people of Osoerde,
but feel no need to play the silly games of the nobility. But there are,
of course, nobles in these provinces too, and they generally have taken
the best land that is available.
The Baron of Spiritsend in Ansien Bindier (MA;T4;Vo,minor,17;LN).
He owns an estate of 4 manors near the north of the province where dry
land is somewhat more common. As a result, his Foghaven Manor is less than
a day's ride from the capital, and he tends to spend more time in his
townhouse there than in his family's estates. His vassals include Baronet
Brosen Daeren, who controls another three manors in the north, and Baronet
Vaesil Boerghas (MA;R4;Vo,tainted,9;NG) whose recent marriages to the Lady
Niela Taurele (FA;F3;Ba,tainted,11,CG) just doubled the size of his one
manor in the west of the province.

Agelmore Veldaene (MA;R7;Ba,minor,12;CG) is technically a Baronet, but his
second title, Lord Warden of the Sunken Lands makes him a half-step higher
than the other Baronets of the land. He control 4 manors in that
swamp-ridden province. Although as Lord Warden he has the right to demand
aid from the other nobles in the name of the Duke, he does not own their
fealty as such. There are two other Baronets who hold land in the Sunken
Lands. Baronet Gaelin Amara (MA;F3,unblooded,NG) holds two manors and owes
his fealty to the Countess of Gulfport. Baronet Mourde Tindier
(MA;T5;unblooded;CE) controls four manors, and swears fealty to the new
Viscount of Moergen.

Well, there you go. Take it or trash it. It works for me, and a similar
format could probably work in any other country with only a few cosmetic
changes (titles, etc.). Let me know if you like it, as I could use a
little positive reinforcement after that last Calculus test I took.

Mark VanderMeulen